time-concerned IOE WR

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time-concerned IOE WR

Post by pauv » Tue Jun 17, 2014 4:52 am

time-concerned IOE WR: (keep updating) ps: 3bv>=10, Right click counters fixed so the IOE of clone games is recalculated. source

1.140s ioe=1.429 3bv=10 ZiNi=5 Clicks=7 by Ke Zhou, PRC, 2015-02-01
1.390s ioe=1.667 3bv=10 ZiNi=6 Clicks=6 by Jason Kriegel, USA, 2007-07-27
2.370s ioe=2.000 3bv=10 ZiNi=5 Clicks=5 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2016-01-26
4.200s ioe=2.100 3bv=21 ZiNi=10 Clicks=10 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2017-05-03
12.850s ioe=2.286 3bv=32 ZiNi=16 Clicks=14 by Xiao-Dong Su, PRC, 2015-10-04

7.032s ioe=0.938 3bv=30 ZiNi=30 Clicks=32 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2012-10-11
7.270s ioe=1.026 3bv=39 ZiNi=27 Clicks=38 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2011-10-05
7.503s ioe=1.132 3bv=43 ZiNi=27 Clicks=38 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2009-11-21
11.550s ioe=1.286 3bv=54 ZiNi=36 Clicks=42 by Peng-Yun Ni, PRC, 2014-10-23
19.450s ioe=1.300 3bv=52 ZiNi=36 Clicks=40 by Xiao-Dan Xie, PRC, 2013-01-23
21.490s ioe=1.351 3bv=50 ZiNi=37 Clicks=37 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2015-09-18
22.880s ioe=1.417 3bv=51 ZiNi=31 Clicks=36 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2015-02-19
26.310s ioe=1.442 3bv=62 ZiNi=38 Clicks=43 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2015-04-30
26.702s ioe=1.512 3bv=65 ZiNi=41 Clicks=43 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2008-12-12
30.679s ioe=1.583 3bv=76 ZiNi=45 Clicks=48 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2010-06-21
33.660s ioe=1.738 3bv=73 ZiNi=42 Clicks=42 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2013-12-30
86.470s ioe=1.951 3bv=80 ZiNi=43 Clicks=41 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2017-07-18 (human beat computer!)

31.133s ioe=0.727 3bv=109 ZiNi=88 Clicks=150 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2010-07-03
32.527s ioe=0.803 3bv=143 ZiNi=100 Clicks=178 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2013-03-22
33.540s ioe=0.826 3bv=128 ZiNi=95 Clicks=155 by Xian-Yao Zhang, PRC, 2016-12-22
36.005s ioe=0.836 3bv=158 ZiNi=103 Clicks=189 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2013-02-09
36.738s ioe=0.860 3bv=154 ZiNi=105 Clicks=179 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2009-11-22
37.050s ioe=0.982 3bv=166 ZiNi=111 Clicks=169 by Fritz, Germany, 2012-08-03
40.710s ioe=1.023 3bv=133 ZiNi=95 Clicks=130 by Kai Sun, PRC, 2015-07-27
43.400s ioe=1.060 3bv=160 ZiNi=109 Clicks=151 by Kai Sun, PRC, 2016-09-23
47.750s ioe=1.071 3bv=197 ZiNi=123 Clicks=184 by Wen-Kai Xu, PRC, 2013-08-27
48.540s ioe=1.096 3bv=195 ZiNi=114 Clicks=178 by Wen-Kai Xu, PRC, 2013-07-26
50.970s ioe=1.160 3bv=210 ZiNi=127 Clicks=181 by Kai Sun, PRC, 2016-02-03
57.560s ioe=1.169 3bv=235 ZiNi=134 Clicks=201 by Wen-Kai Xu, PRC, 2013-04-19
64.930s ioe=1.207 3bv=198 ZiNi=119 Clicks=164 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2017-01-08
74.970s ioe=1.265 3bv=191 ZiNi=127 Clicks=151 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2015-01-06
85.880s ioe=1.267 3bv=190 ZiNi=123 Clicks=150 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2015-01-01
86.330s ioe=1.312 3bv=227 ZiNi=130 Clicks=173 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2015-02-25
91.970s ioe=1.322 3bv=201 ZiNi=121 Clicks=152 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2014-12-14
93.140s ioe=1.403 3bv=195 ZiNi=123 Clicks=139 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2017-05-16
166.200s ioe=1.433 3bv=258 ZiNi=147 Clicks=180 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2015-01-28
185.530s ioe=1.487 3bv=229 ZiNi=140 Clicks=154 by Yao-Yu Zhu, PRC, 2018-08-19

---------------Best IOE sum I have known--------------
Yi-Hai Lin's IOE sum=2.167+1.951+1.483=5.601
Yao-Yu Zhu's IOE sum=2.000+1.708+1.487=5.195
Wei-Jia Guo's IOE sum=2.000+1.582+1.403=4.985
Xiao-Dong Su's IOE sum=2.286+1.392+1.233=4.911
Peng-Yun Ni's IOE sum=1.800+1.706+1.372=4.878
Kamil Muranski's IOE sum=1.917+1.583+1.360=4.860
Xiao-Dan Xie's IOE sum=1.938+1.500+1.310=4.748
Ke Zhou's IOE sum=1.909+1.508+1.317=4.734
Jin-Fan Lin's IOE sum=1.833+1.500+1.279=4.612
Shao-Wu Zhang'IOE sum=1.846+1.366+1.287=4.499
Shuang Zhao's IOE sum=1.733+1.443+1.234=4.410
Chun-Xi Liu's IOE sum=1.833+1.479+1.083=4.395
Judith Laister's IOE sum=1.583+1.449+1.195=4.227
Kai Sun's IOE sum=1.737+1.300+1.173=4.210(all normal play)
Michael Gottlieb's IOE sum=1.600+1.421+1.148=4.169
EWQMinesweeper's IOE sum=1.600+1.313+1.174=4.087
Wen-Kai Xu's IOE sum=1.650+1.239+1.169=4.058(all normal play)
Exp TOP20
Int TOP20
Beg TOP20
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Re: time-concerned IOE WR

Post by pauv » Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:54 pm

Made a brief list of the guys who have achieved sup4 IOE sum, if you have better record or achieved sup4 told me plz, ranked by the sum and tell me the 3bv, zini, clicks used, time used, the timestamp. Everyone is able to achieved int NF ioe=1 so I only collect the names. Exp NF IOE values and the ranking see this post Tell me op (instead of zini :) )3bv, clicks used, time used and the timestamp.

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