move minesweeper to a new computer

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move minesweeper to a new computer

Post by annalotta » Tue Nov 16, 2010 1:10 pm

I don’t know much about computers at all and I’m about to buy a new computer. Somewhere on my current laptop [which is windows vista] I have the minesweeper from an old computer. A person I used to know helped me move it there ages ago and gave me the instructions on how to do it myself the next time – but of course I don’t remember.
Where on the computer would he have put the thing that makes the game work? [what is it called?]

Can I move the game to a new computer that has windows 7?
If the screen is smaller on the new computer, does that affect minesweeper? Could it get the wrong dimensions or something?


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Re: move minesweeper to a new computer

Post by NYMIKE » Tue Nov 30, 2010 1:48 am

If you are using arbiter, I suggest you copy and paste your stats.dat and statzini.dat files from your old computer and email yourself. Then install clean arbiter copy on a new computer, and paste those two files from your email to your folder. If you have videos you want to save you can upload them to your folder on this site. Not sure what to do if you are using other clones, probably similar.

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