Issue regarding the world ranking

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Issue regarding the world ranking

Post by kevin6625 » Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:06 am

Yesterday, Shen-jia Zhang just copied the latest world ranking list from your website into the, So that all the Chinese players can see the recent top 10 world ranking from

So the issue will come up, this world ranking is different from Chinese ranking. And some of the issues are due to your fault while sending videos. One Chinese player should be on top 10, if this fault is properly dealt with. ... f=24&t=263
This issue is still pending for more than half a year after Damien replied, the original sentence is:

I apologise to Xiao-Yang Yang. I investigated now, and yes he emailed 10.25 on 17/12/12. The next day I answered "new ranking is today :) " to tell him his score was updated. But for some strange reason I missed his score and it is not in the database. And for some strange reason, he never emailed again (to complain), so I did not know there was a problem.

Since Damien has already replied and admitted that there is a problem, I think he should do something to deal with it. This problem is due to the fault of Damien, not Xiao-yang Yang, because of the strange loss of his 'database'. As Damien said, it is not in the 'database', so I think he should check if this video 10.25 is still inside the attachment of that email. If so, he should put it to the world ranking instead of disregard it. By the way, Xiao-yang's profile on is, and he uploaded his videos including the 10.25 and further more to it.

I know that there are still a lot of conflicts regarding the effectiveness of records, and some of them are still left unsettled because the same policy and regulation does not apply to all videos(I may mention it later). but I think at least this issue mentioned above should be properly resolved, or more players will distrust the authenticity of your world ranking list, let alone uploading their videos to your world ranking.
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Re: Issue regarding the world ranking

Post by pauv » Sat Nov 15, 2014 5:46 am

I'd like to post some facts here. As a member of and an old minesweeper who knows much about MSinfo, a further explain about the mess is my responsibility.

1. to the members of who still care about this:
why Damien lost this 10.25 in his database? In the old days, every player hand in their records by Emailing to Damien, or put the replay into their own profile and post to Guestbook. so Damien must be too busy and too upset to deal with so many posts and Emails. Shen-Jia Zhang mentioned this mess in the forum(see the lastest reply of ... ?f=9&t=264), and now this site has register page( and administrators to check the videos uploaded, records are shown on the ranking automatically, just like

If this is a mistake, it's a mistake that Damien is not a sage.

2. to Damien:
why YXY never emailed again to complain about this mistake? Because YXY thought you ignored his email and felt emailing you again was useless, so his complain was never emailing you again. Some members of thought "Damien ignored the email of a TOP10 player, so he didn't care about, and we don't need to hand in our records". I know it's not true. It's a sad misunderstanding. For the member of I suggest you read 3.

3. to
why Damien didn't renew YXY's records? Some of you thought then "It must because Damien will fall off TOP10 of MSinfo after put up YXY's records." Once I made a joke mention about this to my friends, it's not proper. My fault.
Some even thought Damien kept some racialism about Oh come on! As far as I'm concerned, Damien is not this case, the two who was once in the QQ group of, Kamil and EWQMinesweeper, are not this case.
Damien hate YXY...Oh my god, what the hell one will hate another who emailed only once?

OK, here is the true reason. Check the link ... ?f=11&t=67, thefinerminer wrote at Thu Dec 17, 2009 10:23 pm: "Thankyou for keeping me updated, I check Saolei almost every week but only copy scores with permission." thefinerminer wrote at Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:13 am: "I have only added scores of people who emailed me. If I get permission to copy scores, I will."
So why YXY's latest records is not on the ranking? YXY didn't email Damien and told him "Yes, you can paste my new records on MSinfo." so Damien has no permission about this.

4. to Damien and EWQMinesweeper:
the reason why a lot of the players from never upload their score, is because of YXY's score is not on the ranking. Mentioned EWQMinesweeper is just because you talked about this topic with me sometime in this forum. They think if this issue is unsettled, they won't upload their replays.

Does YXY want to upload his record now? It's a mistery for me. Maybe never. I hope the members of upload their replays to MSinfo, whatever YXY's opinion is. It's your personnal affairs.

5. to Damien:
The common Chinese don't care about "permission". Once I ask somebody, would you mind me put your replay in my WR list? He doesn't reply me, and one of the administrators of told me, never mind this, who cares? So I put the replay in my profile again. For the old members of, they will be happy if their records are copied by MSinfo. YXY do knows there are a lot of people reminding you to renew his ranking, and he never prevent them (including me ... ?f=9&t=260), so proper ways are:

a. add YXY's video directly without his permission. That's ok in our minesweeper culture.
b. somebody of ask YXY if he will be angry that MSinfo put his records on the ranking, yes or not? I guess he will say xxxxxx. Whatever the answer, issue is solved.
c. YXY email Damien for a user account, and upload his records. Now everything is settled.

I strongly recommended you choose a. :-D The whole issue is totally cultural difference.

Moreover, if you like more TOP score of shown on World Ranking, so the ranking is accurate? Just do it, there are no problem.

haha I'm sorry EWQMinesweeper, you haven't been here for a long time, so I forgot a little :oops: now that's correct.

I have explained why some groups should not blaim Damien, in old days people should mail him to complain, but now you should upload replays by yourself. NOBODY THOUGHT YOU ARE CHEATER BECAUSE YOU ARE STILL ON THE WORLDRANKING, and YOU HAVE THE WAY TO UPLOAD YOUR SCORE. YES I PREFER c. now.
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Re: Issue regarding the world ranking

Post by EWQMinesweeper » Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:19 pm

dude, get my nick right or better don't include me in these discussions at all. i stopped caring about this game over a year ago and it seems the vast majority of people who once cared have abandoned this page. only dropping by to check whether new posts are spam or not and thus skimmed through your post. me no see spam, me no care
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