Little introduction to reverse engineering using winmine

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Little introduction to reverse engineering using winmine

Post by pabloko » Mon Oct 12, 2015 2:49 am

Hi guys, I've made this project to help a friend learn about hacking and reverse engineering.

We did this tests in order to follow some learning steps like revesing, injection and hooking on winmine stuff. The project has 3 samples:

1 Easy: Make a hacks menu
Its all about injecting code in a proper way, in this case, creating a fake system dll (winmm.dll) that loads a menu on the game. Using some reverse engineering we created some game hacks.

2 Medium: Switch winmine to a sudoku game ... 7f5fd1.gif
With this sample we aim to completly modify the winmine's behavibour by toggling it to a sudoku game, QQwing lib was used in order to generate sudoku puzzles

3 Hard: Switch winmine to a online multiplayer 4-in-a-row game ... 23e9e0.gif
This sample has 2 part, client and server. Both uses RakNet to communicate in real time. Server uses luajit to handle game logic.

All projects can be downloaded here including binaries and source code.

Also, we took a well knoweledge about winmine, so if anyone have any suggestion for a mod to be inserted in winmine, just say it, we can work it out (like creating a online ranking system, save a game to continue later, etc...)

Sorry for my english, regards from Spain

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