Fun versions for any operating system, including online games or phone apps.
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Post by Double X » Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:51 am

The project's hosted in this github.
This video demonstrates some key features in this project.

The below are some of the main functionalities, apart from obvious ones like supporting both FL and NF:
1. Users can clear, create, edit, load, import and export profiles having name, region, history and highscores
2. Users can select among various skins(The already provided ones include default and NN, i.e., Non-Number)
3. Users can record and play demos which show the recorded paths and stats like CL, L, D, R, Corr, IsIs, Ops, 3BV, 3BV/s, IOS, RQP, QG, Thrp and IOE
4. Users can resize the size of the board by resizing the browser and then press the new game button or refresh the page

Please note that this project's isn't complete yet, even though I think almost all the important capabilities are already implemented.
Any contribution/feedback are welcome here and/or in that github :)

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