Variation of Minesweeper - The Greatest Heist

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Variation of Minesweeper - The Greatest Heist

Post by abgsoftware » Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:36 pm

Hello minesweeper players!

I'm writing today to let you know we've released a game that is very similar to minesweeper. I heard about this place a while back when reading an article in "The Escapist" and I thought it would be cool to get some feedback from people who love the original game!

So, what makes this version different?

- You start from the top left corner of the grid and work your way to the bottom right.
- You have different levels of completion (bronze, silver, gold, platinum).
- You never have to take a guess. Puzzles are 100% solvable by logic.

The game has a context

When we first started working on this game, we knew the basic gameplay was fun enough, but we wanted to add some context to the game to make it more interesting.
The "story" of the game is that you are a cat buglar out to steal from the world's richest building. Each "room" of the building is actually a minesweeper grid and there are valuables sprinkled in the grid. So, you basically work your way to the top of the building by solving minesweeper grids.

What platforms?

We're on a few platforms:
iPad: ... ?mt=8&ls=1
OSX: ... 9290?mt=12 (careful, you must be on OSX 10.7)
Chrome Store: ... e-ntp-icon

How much?

It's free! Well, at least a part of the puzzles are...
- All the easy puzzles are free, along with some medium and hard ones.
- You can get all the full medium puzzle pack for 0,99$ and the hard pack for 0,99$ as well
- We also sell hints (which you guys won't need :)
- We sell costumes for the cat burglar, which are purely cosmetic.


It would be great if we got feedback from you guys, either here or you can write to us at abgsoftware [at] bell [d0t] net.
Let me know if you find any bugs or if you have any suggestions!


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Re: Variation of Minesweeper - The Greatest Heist

Post by EWQMinesweeper » Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:46 pm

you asked for feedback and here it comes.

i have not played your game and never will, yet i'd like to explain to you why. i might not speak for everyone in this community, but i suppose that hardly anyone from here will play, let alone even buy, your game.

this community is centered around the original minesweeper with a focus on completing the grids as fast as possible. we use our own minesweeper versions that are fitted to our needs. the graphical interface in these versions is the same as the one in the original game and although one versions provides room to edit the interface no version that didn't closely ressemble the original windows minesweeper interface had any significant success with players from this community.

the versions people from this community use to play minesweeper meet the high demands we have and are optimized to ensure the fastest possible solving. the sole interest of the 3 main parts of this community are to solve as fast as possible, solve as many mines as possible and solve as efficient as possible. since these goals can only be achieved by using one of our minesweeper versions i expect interest in your version to be minimal.

you write that you see a need to add context to make the game more interesting. however, people on this page do not seem to need this. last year we found a game called zombie minesweeper. it was fun at first but within a week the less than 10 people who played it lost all interest.

another aspect is that this community is largely non-commercial. there are no sponsors, no prizes to win and all (important) programs are free.

personally, my focus in minesweeper is the world ranking. playing any version that is not eligible for it is basically a waste of time for me.

i do not intend to offend or upset you in any way. this is just my feedback.

good luck with your game.
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Re: Variation of Minesweeper - The Greatest Heist

Post by abgsoftware » Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:45 pm

Hi EWQMinesweeper,

Thank you for voicing out your opinion and giving me your feedback.

I understand what you are saying, and apologize for intruding, if that is how some of you feel.

Good luck with the world rankings, then!

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