Minesweeper: Infinite

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Minesweeper: Infinite

Post by miniant » Sat Jun 15, 2013 8:57 pm

I got the idea for this game a week ago, and have been writing it non-stop.

So it's Minesweeper, but the board is infinite, you can just keep on playing.
It has a .psd file so you can make your own themes (just save the spritesheet as a .png and save it in the "themes" folder).
The minimum mine density is 10%, because below that, I started having problems with recursion, but who the hell wants to play at such a low density anyway.
Haven't figured out a good scoring system yet. So far I have thought of something like score=number of opened tiles/time
Any feedback and/or ideas would be awesome.

Download: http://hot.ee/m/miniant/miinid_v3.3.zip

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