Xiao-Yang Yang's Record

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Xiao-Yang Yang's Record

Post by pauv » Tue Dec 31, 2013 11:17 am

He has at least 667 sub50s. He left our minesweeper QQ group but nobody knows why. He made a lot of records which are not mentioned in the world ranking.

Here is the list:

beg 0.62s 3bv=2 nf 20130318

beg 0.65s 3bv=5 3bvs=7.692 fl 20120710

beg 4.18s 3bv=32 3bvs=7.656 fl 20120710

beg 2.37s 3bv=14 3bvs=5.907 nf 20120704

int 9.96s 3bv=30 nf 20130627

int 15.64s 3bv=73 3bvs=4.668 nf 20130525

int 18.65s 3bv=99 3bvs=5.308 fl 20120917

exp 36.79s 3bv=125 fl 20130522

exp 48.88s 3bv=216 3bvs=4.419 fl 20121015

exp 41.66s 3bv=120 nf 20131201

exp 51.72s 3bv=154 3bvs=2.978 nf 20120323
(he claims that he has 3.45 3bvs nf)

videos linked.

His scoreganizer nick is DL360G5. Took part in the 2012 Minesweeper World Championship.

exp 49.10s 3bv=184 3bvs=3.747 nf 20140408
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