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Post by Zlix » Fri Mar 06, 2015 7:01 pm

Hi guys, it's Goran.
I wanted to share a puzzle game I've been playing for a while now. It's similar to minesweeper so you might like it. Here is quote about the game.
"Fill-a-Pix is a Minesweeper-like puzzle based on a grid with a pixilated picture hidden inside. Using logic alone, the solver determines which squares are painted and which should remain empty until the hidden picture is completely exposed. Advanced logic Fill-a-Pix such as the one above contain situations where two clues simultaneously affect each other as well as the squares around them making these puzzles extremely hard to solve."

Every board has only one unique solution, so if you stuck and think there is no solution, think again. You either screwed it up or you missed a clue.
One important hint. If you want to color multiple fields into black, hold left click and move your mouse. If you want to place "x" on multiple fields, press left click 2x and hold it after second click and than move... Also, I like to use "smart fill cursor" which is located next to redo button. It makes your life much easier on big boards.
Here is link to the website with 8 free boards ... fill-a-pix
Here is link for one more free mega fill-a-pix ... /story/345
This is link for hardest fill-a-pix. It's located under no. 10 ... rticle/424
Took me 7,5 hours to finish the hardest one.
If you register you can play one new free board every week, you can also download desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android versions for free...
Enjoy :)

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Re: Fill-a-pix

Post by pauv » Sat Mar 07, 2015 10:30 am

I have just tried, it's kind of fun :mrgreen:

And you can have a glance at lasertank, too. ;)

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Re: Fill-a-pix

Post by EWQMinesweeper » Sun Mar 08, 2015 4:56 pm

„Das perlt jetzt aber richtig über, ma sagn. Mach ma' noch'n Bier! Wie heißt das? Biddä! Bidddää! Biddddäää! Reiner Weltladen!“

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