Minimum value for Beg 3BV/s records

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Minimum value for Beg 3BV/s records

Post by KamilSaper »

There was a discussion on GB, but (of course) nobody made a final decission. Rodrigo posted that he is going to create new Clone - and it wont be bad idea to discuss what should be Minimum value for Beg 3BV/s records. If for example somebody wins 2 3bv board in 0,1s (like Tam Minh Bui did), he would see pop-up window and 3bv/s record. Then, he wont see the pop-up if he set a real record. So next clone shouldnt show pop-up window announcing the new 3bv/s record, if made on too low 3bv board.
So, my vote is 10. Now lets everybody vote :)
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Re: Minimum value for Beg 3BV/s records

Post by EWQMinesweeper »

(lol, and you dare to call me a noob - yes, i'm still upset about it)

why do you want it to be at 10??????????

take a look at tibor's and my beg 3BV/s records of 6,xx. we both solved 3BV=6 in ~1,95s using 1 flag. to me, this means that it can't be luck. a 3BV minimum value for 3BV/s records of 10 would certainly be a wrong decision in this case.

i am sure that there is no special need for a minimum 3BV value for beg 3BV/s records - in the case that someone should get a beg 3BV/s highscore and shares the replay with the community it will be obvious for everyone, including that sweeper, whether the 3BV/s record was plain luck or not.

in such cases there's often no need for a strict regulation - a guideline on when a beg 3BV/s record on low 3BV is to be accepted would be enough.
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