Ventrilo Server

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Ventrilo Server

Post by Kat »

I'm considering renting a Ventrilo server for sweepers to talk on while they sweep. I would like to know who thinks they would use it AND if Damien would link to it from here.

Let me know what you think!!
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Re: Ventrilo Server

Post by RonnyDeWinter »

I've only used teamspeak (my Black Hawk Game game squad rents one), but never tried Ventrilo (I bet is works the same though). Unfortunately, I tend to like teamspeak only when I can talk dutch and when I'm on an english server I tend to hardly say anything. Another reason why I wouldn't very quicly join a teamspeak/ventrilo server while sweeping, is because I'm terrible at multitaksing. If I'm busy concentrating on one thing (like reading or sweeping), I often hear nothing of what people are saying to me. I can't remember ever breaking a record while talking to someone.
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Re: Ventrilo Server

Post by Janis »

i would go on vent
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Re: Ventrilo Server

Post by thefinerminer »

I would be happy to link and support it...but I am a noob in many ways and can't promise I will understand it!

Sorry for the late reply Kat...I read it when you first posted but not many people replied. Going to try to advertise the forum better.
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