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Open the AR

Post by aradesh »

I think it should be much easier to register for the active ranking. Anyone should be able to take part.

I have a friend IRL who has a 60 on expert (he's on the world rankings) and he plays relatively regularly. I've tried to get him to go on the active ranking several times but he can't be bothered to email in to get an account so that he can. If /this/ guy can't be bothered, just think of how many others who would very well upload their scores, but don't.

A further futuristic hypothetical idea:
It would be awesome if there was a clone or an add-on which would upload vids automatically to the AR, this way we would have a much better representation of active players.
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Re: Open the AR

Post by qqwref »

Yeah, that would be pretty cool, for sure. I think an automatic-AR-updating clone could be made using something similar to scoreganizer:
- There is a 0+1+1 "AR Tournament", automatically created for each 2-week period;
- All videos are automatically sent to the current AR Tournament, users don't need to actually register to it;
- To save space, only videos which beat the user's current period record will be sent.

I think this also brings up the point that it should be easier to get a video folder (i.e. ideally we wouldn't have to ask Damien). And it should also be easier to sign up to the forum, since right now accounts need to be activated before they are usable.
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Re: Open the AR

Post by Tjips »

Ok, I know the internet is becoming quite ubiquitous, but I think it is a bit blunt to simply have the thing upload every video like scoreganizer (SGN) does. They way SGN does it works for live tourneys as you can watch the ranking evolve in a competitive setting. Now, I know that this is one way of doing an AR, but I don't think that a by-game resolution is necessary. At its most primitive it would be sufficient for a clone to auto-save the progressive best vids for the period and upload the best one if an update is need at the end of the period. This does however lose the tourney flavour of the AR which is actually quite prominent these days. I propose that the clone might only upload at the end of each day (if necessary, of course). This way we don't have all that unnecessary traffic, and we still maintain the tourney flavour (actual it would be improved over the current AR since many people only upload their final score).

Finally, I think there should be a manual upload button a player can click. This'll be fun to do just after getting a score you know is better than your current score :D.

Also, how would this work server side? Will new vids replace old ones for a particular AR, or will all the vids be stored indefinitely?

ok, bye :D.
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