Online video viewer and board viewer

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Online video viewer and board viewer

Post by Tjips »

I think it would be cool if we add a vid viewer and a board viewer somewhere to the site. I'm thinking something like a field where you chose a vid from your HDD and it uploads and plays it. It might even be made to interface with the player video folder or even the World Ranking. I'm sure you guys get the idea. It would also be great if you could simply send the link to someone and it would immediately play the desired video. The viewer would ideally include a counters window with all the usual stuff like 3bv, zini, cl/s, etc.

The board viewer would be similar, i.e. you upload an .mbf, say, and it shows you the solved board. You could add toggle-able overlays like borders delimiting the openings, and dots on the non-opening 3bv. Again a direct link to a generated board image would be cool. It would also be cool if it let you download the board in any of the standard board file formats. This would of course be redundant if all the clones could read the same format, or used the same format, but we don't live in a perfect world, do we :D.

A standard like 1 hour expiry time for the generated links would probably be good enough to avoid having Damien's space getting clogged up with garbage ;). Or, for the boards, we could just not have the direct link thing and the user can just use an image bin fcol :D.

ok, bye.
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Re: Online video viewer and board viewer

Post by dg211 »

Yeah, I was thinking about something similar the other day. It would be useful for automating the process of uploading new scores, rather than Damien having to watch every replay and check it's genuine. There could just be a queue of replays people have uploaded which moderators could watch conveniently using the online cross-format viewer and vote on whether they're valid. Then a replay could be accepted once 3 or 4 (say) moderators have voted it genuine, or scrutinized further if there's any doubt. I also think it would be a good idea to anonymise replays as much as possible (although obviously it may still be possible to guess the identity from style etc.) and try to randomize which moderators rate each replay to reduce the possibility of bias (not that I'm accusing anyone of being impartial! Just for the sake of propriety). If the queue is getting particularly long, the site could email moderators to remind them to do more checking.
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Re: Online video viewer and board viewer

Post by thefinerminer »

Cryslon has tried to convince the other clone makers to allow videos to be translated into a universal format (raw video format). Each clone can have its encrypted protected version, but would allow a tool to translate it into RVF. This would allow an online video player.

Open video format:

I would be eager to have this on the site. Newbs and random visitors want to click on the ranking videos without having to download or install programs. Christoph made a basic online player for VSweep with the early UMF files (this was before RMV was invented).

Cryslon has written a convertor for AVF, Tommy wrote a beta for RMV and Curtis wrote a beta for MVR. Rodrigo was interested (in 2009) but did nothing, so this project has been quiet since 2010.
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