Vista Minesweeper Review (from the discussion in the gb)

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Vista Minesweeper Review (from the discussion in the gb)

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'Ron' posted:

I totally disagree with your review of minesweeper in for Windows Vista.
I find the game to be unplayable.
I have spent countless hours taking small pleaasure from playing minesweeper in WIn 98.
My best time was 147 at expert. Now, I cannot even complete one game.
I find the Windows Vista version to be a total F/U.
The overwhelming colors and graphics are completely distracting.
I find I cannot play this version at all.
Because of the changes to Minesweeper, I have quit playing the game.
It is now total garbage. For the sake of stupid graphics the game has become useless.

'NYMIKE' replied:

I don't mind the skins, but asking you if you want to replay each game makes it unbearable. Also can they be a little more creative about the stats than having 5 top scores? I mean we have 4 different clones available, so we can say it's no big loss, but it is, because none of the people that developed clones have the resources of Oberon Corporation which produced Minesweeper for Microsoft. Im sure they are aware of this site and the 4 clones used, why not take the good features of each of the clones, make your own improvements and you would have the best minesweeper. Also I hated when XP went to 9x9 beginner rather than 8x8, cause I've seen someone in the internet cafe get a 2 seconds on it, and that person did not know how to play minesweeper at all, when my best 8x8 score is 3 seconds after completing thousands of games.

Ronny says:
I honestly can't think of anyone that ever played the original minesweeper that would like Vista minesweeper. It's sad because the only way that people get in touch with minesweeper is because by playing the preinstalled games of Windows. If the version in Windows7 is garbage as well, it will drastically drop the amount of new players in the ranking I'm afraid

manu says:
i realy like vista minesweeper ! its sooo colorful ! and it has nice flowers and sounds ! -.- Ron, which review are you referring to ? no serious minesweeperplayer ever uses vista minesweeper, not only because they changed the size of the little squares from 16x16 to 19x19 pixel... mfg manu

Ronny says:
@Manu: He's referring to the review at 'articles'. Not that I understand why Ron thinks that Damien liked it, because he clearly states it will annoy everyone as final conclusion.

Luke says:
I have never played vista minesweeper, but if you dislike it so much just play on a clone.

5 seems there's need to discuss it, and to make sure the possible outcome doesn't get lost in the thousands of posts and replies in the gb we have this forum :ugeek:

damien's review:
„Das perlt jetzt aber richtig über, ma sagn. Mach ma' noch'n Bier! Wie heißt das? Biddä! Bidddää! Biddddäää! Reiner Weltladen!“
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