Collection of Suggestions

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Collection of Suggestions

Post by thefinerminer »

This thread is to post ideas emailed to me so I don't forget or lose them. Some of them will never be possible, but if they get done I want to give credit to the right people.

===Age Category Records===28 Jul 2007===by 'AK'===
I was thinking of maybe adding another aspect to it. In competitions such as track and field, there are things like: high school records, junior record (under 20 record), and then the overall record. Perhaps this could be applied to minesweeper too. Such as, listing the high school record/junior record for various states or provinces, and the overall country record on a page. You would take someone who had done xx time on xx level, and then somehow verify it... perhaps showing a legit facebook account or something just for proof (add them as friend ,they can delete afterwards if necessary) since so many people have those. It would add just another thing to minesweeper. If this would work, you could put a notice on your site for people to verify their times etc. (by age), and maybe even have age group records? That would be pretty cool.

===Comment by Damien: Could be possible to write a Facebook app to obtain more birthdates for these calculations? The app could maybe display the person's world rank on their fb profile?
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Re: Collection of Suggestions

Post by EWQMinesweeper »

sounds interesting...

EDIT: as the tenth anniversary of AMS is only about 4 months away maybe a hall of fame would be'd be a shame if such great names as edu or case would be forgotten once they drop out of the top positions on the rankings ;)

suggestion: once every year a HoF commitee adds 10 great sweepers to the minesweeper hall of fame that either have been around in the minesweeper community more than 7.5 years before their nomination or who have been around for 5 years and haven't had a time highscore in 3 years...
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