time-concerned Thrp WR

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time-concerned Thrp WR

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time-concerned Thrp WR: (keep updating) ps: 3bv>=10, data keep the same as freesweeper shows. IOE ranking here, Thrp is better than IOE to show a player's efficiency. You can understand it like "Real IOE". I won't make a NF version because it's (almost) useless.

1.080s thrp=1.429 3bv=10 ZiNi=6 Ces=7 by Li Sha, PRC, 2019-08-02
1.350s thrp=1.833 3bv=11 ZiNi=6 Ces=6 by Shao-Wu Zhang, PRC, 2019-09-14
1.790s thrp=1.889 3bv=17 ZiNi=9 Ces=9 by Ze-En Ju, PRC, 2020-02-10
2.370s thrp=2.000 3bv=10 ZiNi=5 Ces=5 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2016-01-26
4.200s thrp=2.100 3bv=21 ZiNi=10 Ces=10 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2017-05-03
12.850s thrp=2.286 3bv=32 ZiNi=16 Ces=14 by Xiao-Dong Su, PRC, 2015-10-04 (human beats computer!)

7.032s thrp=0.968 3bv=30 ZiNi=30 Ces=31 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2012-10-11
7.270s thrp=1.219 3bv=39 ZiNi=27 Ces=32 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2011-10-05
7.503s thrp=1.303 3bv=43 ZiNi=27 Ces=33 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2009-11-21
16.010s thrp=1.483 3bv=89 H.ZiNi=48 Ces=60 by Fritz, Germany, 2012-05-18 (ZiNi=49>H.ZiNi)
26.702s thrp=1.512 3bv=65 ZiNi=41 Ces=43 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2008-12-12
30.679s thrp=1.583 3bv=76 ZiNi=45 Ces=48 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2010-06-21
33.660s thrp=1.780 3bv=73 ZiNi=42 Ces=41 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2013-12-30 (human beats computer!)
86.470s thrp=1.951 3bv=80 ZiNi=43 Ces=41 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2017-07-18 (human beats computer!)

28.840s thrp=1.065 3bv=131 ZiNi=93 Ces=123 by Ze-En Ju, PRC, 2020-12-27
30.980s thrp=1.085 3bv=153 ZiNi=111 Ces=141 by Ze-En Ju, PRC, 2021-03-27
33.850s thrp=1.092 3bv=154 ZiNi=97 Ces=141 by Dan Zhou, PRC, 2016-11-20
35.850s thrp=1.101 3bv=153 ZiNi=106 Ces=139 by Yao-Yu Zhu, PRC, 2020-06-23
36.600s thrp=1.125 3bv=153 ZiNi=104 Ces=136 by Yao-Yu Zhu, PRC, 2020-07-01
37.480s thrp=1.164 3bv=170 ZiNi=107 Ces=146 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2013-08-09
37.570s thrp=1.166 3bv=176 ZiNi=110 Ces=151 by Yao-Yu Zhu, PRC, 2020-07-25
41.416s thrp=1.212 3bv=189 ZiNi=116 Ces=156 by Kamil Muranski, Poland, 2015-09-05
46.810s thrp=1.220 3bv=200 ZiNi=121 Ces=164 by Yao-Yu Zhu, PRC, 2018-03-30
57.560s thrp=1.224 3bv=235 ZiNi=134 Ces=192 by Wen-Kai Xu, PRC, 2013-04-19
58.320s thrp=1.229 3bv=172 ZiNi=117 Ces=140 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2016-11-03
64.930s thrp=1.303 3bv=198 ZiNi=119 Ces=152 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2017-01-08
74.970s thrp=1.308 3bv=191 ZiNi=127 Ces=146 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2015-01-06
86.330s thrp=1.312 3bv=227 ZiNi=130 Ces=173 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2015-02-25
91.970s thrp=1.377 3bv=201 ZiNi=121 Ces=146 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2014-12-14
93.140s thrp=1.413 3bv=195 ZiNi=123 Ces=138 by Wei-Jia Guo, PRC, 2017-05-16
166.200s thrp=1.441 3bv=258 ZiNi=147 Ces=179 by Yi-Hai Lin, PRC, 2015-01-28
185.530s thrp=1.487 3bv=229 ZiNi=140 Ces=154 by Yao-Yu Zhu, PRC, 2018-08-19

Chinese Ranking (if you have interest in)
ID of msinfo: 3819
ID of saolei: 3706
ID of "League of Minesweeper": 36532
ID of WoM: 770798
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