Online Minesweeper Workshop

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Online Minesweeper Workshop

Post by Tommy »

Hi all,

I have explained minesweeper to people IRL before, and even did workshops back when I was at school. That was great fun, and I always felt like I taught people stuff - talking to people directly is much more productive than even IRC. However, this kind of workshop is limited to people who live inside (or in the vicinity of) Vienna.

So I thought of doing an online workshop over Skype, explaining stuff via screen sharing, and streaming it all live, as well as making it available on youtube afterwards.

There is currently a problem with this plan. I need Skype premium for group video/screen sharing, and I don't have that.

I'm considering the following alternatives:
- just use a different service instead. Quate suggested ooVoo (, which would allow group video with 12 people. This would be free, but everyone would have to install software that is not exactly well-known. Also, oovoo has no linux compatibility (I don't know about wine, though).
- get a one-day skype premium license. That would cost $4.99, but everyone knows skype, and skype runs on every major platform.
- use vanilla skype, and just have only a single call active while I'm using screen sharing. The rest would be able to follow via the live stream, and I could turn the call into a conference call if there is no screen sharing to be done. This should work fairly well - if I need to see someone's screen, I'll be coaching them in particular, and questions from other people could be asked and answered later.

What do you guys think? Would you want to participate in something like that, and which of the alternatives would you choose? In particular, would installing oovoo (or something similar) be prohibitive?
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Re: Online Minesweeper Workshop

Post by aradesh »

I think this sort of thing is a good idea.

A new university year starts in a few months - I feel compelled to create a minesweeper club or society. However an official university society takes a lot of effort to form and requires a large committee and lots of paper work - so I could try to start an informal club, and advertise such a seminar on campus.

I'd be interested to attend one of your online talks to seek inspiration for such things.
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Re: Online Minesweeper Workshop

Post by trollrace »

An online multiplayer mode was definitely true on my TODO list for this game. Infact, I was more into MSN on the flags for a while, but hated that it was still offline, and thus began this project.shareit vidmate apk
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Re: Online Minesweeper Workshop

Post by mofidvid »

if it will happen again, i would like to join instasave
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