Which of these games have you ever played somewhat well?

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Which of these games have you ever played somewhat well?

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Which of these games have you ever played the best compared to the other games, regardless of how well or not well you did and your current skill level at the game? See poll for options.

For a while I played Reversi very well, but that was only when I was able to strategize because of taking stimulants. Sometimes I have done OK on "intuition" on that game, but I was winning against "expert" players when I was able to rapidly think of several possibilities 4-5 movies in advance.

Where is the poll???

Anyway, the options were:

Tetris (computer)
Reversi (has regained popularity on computer; popular 100 years ago as well and at least somewhat popular as Othello in recent decades
Chess variants such as Chinese Chess

Feel free to discuss other non-minesweeper games, preferably non-computer games that you played well, or played better than others.

For this thread I'm thinking mostly of non-video games..I see there is a separate thread mostly for that but I have yet to try modern video games out (though I might sometime).

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