Movies Thread

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xander biscuits
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Movies Thread

Post by xander biscuits »

Want to talk about :-

what movies do you like?

movies you are looking forward to see?

what you think of certain movies (good or bad)?

movie advice/reccomendations?

If the answer is yes then this is the thread for you!!!

movies movies movies!!!

I'll start
Some of my current favourites:

Cria Cuervos
Usual Suspects
LA Confidential
The Dark Knight
The Big Lebowski
Scent of a Woman

Just to name a few!!

Care to voice any opinions about my choices? Ask any questions about them? Want to talk about your own favourites?

Then go for it, because this is.....................wait for it........................... the movies thread!!!!
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Re: Movies Thread

Post by gato_salvaje_europeo »

Movies I've seen in the past year and a half or so:

Avatar 3D
Up 3D
District 9
12 Monkeys
9 (animated SF)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (remake - mediocre)
Star Trek (mediocre IMO)

There were a few others but I can't remember every one right now..
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Re: Movies Thread

Post by Lucky123 »

Ask any questions about them? Want to talk about your own favourites?
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