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The Authoritative Minesweeper website hosts the minesweeper world ranking and is currently the main site for the minesweeper community. It was created 6 Apr 2000 by Damien Moore (Canada).

Page under construction - started 26 May

  • 14Nov05 I announced new DB being created from scorelists
  • 1Jan07 bough
  • 10jan07 started profiles (had some way back in 2000 though)
  • 22Apr07 linked to info for the 1st time
  • 6May07 last update using metanoodle html pages, started using SQL database
  • 30oct07 stopped updating metanoodle site
  • 1sep09 downloaded entire meta site and archived it
  • 25May11 bought

This was written as a note May 2009

WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH THE NEW RANKING? A lot of work over the last two years has gone into making a new minesweeper database. The old database kept the best score from each player for each level. If a player made a new score, the old one was deleted. To make the new database complete, I had to take scores from over 5000 old emails and 15000 guestbook posts since the site started. With permission I also took scores from posts in the Forum at Planete-Demineur and from its ranking, as well as from the player folders on the site. I also took scores from the old guestbook of Brian Chu and any scores not already in the database from Minesweeper Addicts and the early Best Ever rankings by Georgi Kermekchiev. It was a lot of work and took two years. It was not a simple case of copying scores – due to the higher modern standards, I spent hundreds of hours emailing players and looking at archived versions of websites to find missing pictures, videos and player information. Many of the sites had conflicting data that had to be investigated. Another part of the project was collecting videos. Several hundred missing videos were found and the entire collection of over 4000 files was renamed, checked for 3BV and playing style, then sorted into player folders and uploaded to the site. Less importantly, spare time in 2009 will be dedicated to renaming and sorting just over 3000 pictures collected. The most complicated part of the project was sorting scores into categories. I divided all scores into “Official” (decimal score known, played on accepted version, video made), “Historical” (integer score known, accepted to the World Ranking in 2006 or earlier), “XP Historical” (367 Beginner XP scores that made it on the ranking by mistake between 2001 and 2006, if deleted the player would be removed from the ranking because no other Beginner scores), “Personal” (score does not qualify for the World Ranking but is legitimate and not faked), and “Problem” (which includes games below the 3BV limits, fakes, not proved, etc).

Real Time

Site put into Real Time on 2010-04-08. There were many debates how to do this. On Jan25 I collected arguments:

  • Against: WP: 1) Minesweeper community is becoming too exclusive (so doesn't like AR using decimals or RT) 2) We should stick to the basics as much as possible
  • FOR:

Tommy: 1) Timer starts at 0 and immediately rounds up to 1 2) We didn't follow 9x9 or Vista UPK, so why follow timer

Cryslon: 1) AR should not require video 2) Decimal sare natural and easy to understand

NYMike: 1) Natural progression to better clones as you get better

Curtis: 1) Microsoft does not have decimal time, integer goes to 1 AFTER 1st click

  • DONT CARE: Sam agrees with Cryslon #1 but doesn't care
  • UNSTATED: Joni:

1) At least be consistent throughout site


Ian, Manu, Kamil all suggest interger ranking +1 and decimal ranking RT WP says she likes the idea Tommy would agree to compromise, but he and Ian prefer 10ths


1 Daniel, WP 1.00 NYMIKE