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People who can not play Minesweeper play with Minesweeper!

Busy Playing Minesweeper

Busy Playing Minesweeper.JPG

“We are right in the middle of a game of minesweeper and don’t have time to process your page request. Please leave a message and we will return your email as soon as possible.”

The Helmberger Technical Team


Minesweeping Iraq

Minesweeping Iraq.JPG

"The road to Baghdad was indeed treacherous, but James knew that if the minesweepers had done their job, he would be okay."

Source: (6 Nov 2004)

Minesweeping Hayfield

Minesweeping Hayfield.JPG

Source: Erin Louise (12 Mar 2004)

Realistic Minesweeper

Realistic Minesweeper.JPG


Map of Afghanistan

Minesweeper Map Afghanistan.JPG

Source: Totto Renna (Copyright ©2003)

Lucky First Click

Lucky First Click.PNG

Source: (2006)

The Fastest Game Ever


As you can see from this attachement, I have managed a brilliant score of -1 on a beginners game of minesweeper, winning the game before it even started.

Yours sweepingly,

Harry Bull.

Source: "Harry Bull" (25 May 2003: Emailed to Authoritative Minesweeper)

Word Mines

Mine Words.PNG

Source: (Feb 2005)

Minesweeper Art

These pictures are not edited: they were created by pressing the mouse buttons.

Source: Yury Berestetsky (24 Aug 2006: Emailed to Authoritative Minesweeper)


Source: Yury Berestetsky (3 Oct 2006: Emailed to Authoritative Minesweeper)



Source: Anonymous (16 Mar 2003: Emailed to Authoritative Minesweeper)

Perfect Game


Source: Anonymous (22 Feb 2003: Emailed to Authoritative Minesweeper)

No More Mines

No More Mines.JPG

Source: Robert Balder (Copyright ©2003)

President of Minesweeper

President of Minesweeper.PNG

Source: (26 Nov 2004)

Minesweeper for Blondies

Minesweeper For Blondies.PNG

Source: (27 May 2001)

Kim Jong-Il


Source: (18 Oct 2010)

Real Life Minesweeper


Source: (27 Jun 2010)

The 'Slip Click'


Source: (Posted on Authoritative Minesweeper 27 Aug 2011)

Minesweeper Scratchcard


Source: (Posted on Facebook 17 June 2012)