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Screenshot of Dynamine
Author: Evan Manning (USA)
Initial release: Unknown
Latest release: 2.00 (1996-05-01)
OS: DOS, Windows (XP and earlier)
Language(s): English
Genre: Early Minesweeper Games
Status: Abandonware
Website: Dynamine Home
Download: Dynamine 2.0.zip

Dynamine is a variant of both Relentless Logic and Minesweeper written by Evan Manning in 1995. Shades of gray are used instead of numbers to hint at mine locations. Not to be confused with the Tetris clone DynaMine.


In the Minesweeper variant you clear the field with a sensor. Cleared areas become darker as you get closer to a mine or group of mines. The object is to clear the highest percentage of the field in the fastest time.

In the RLogic variant, you must get from the left side to the right side of the field safely in the fastest time. Unlike RLogic, you do not have to start or finish in a corner. Instead of numerical hints, the shade of your path indicates closeness to mines.

There are 10 difficulty levels for each variant. If a mine is near an edge, some shading will wrap onto the opposite edge. Shaded areas that are fuzzy become clearer with repeated detection. You can pause or restart the game by clicking the right mouse button. Clicking the left button once after finishing a game reveals all mine locations. Clicking again starts a new game. You can replay any game multiple times but your highscore will not be saved.


Choosing 'Multi Games' lets you play Levels 1 to 10 in a row if you survive long enough. If you choose 'Kids Game' you are given penalties for hitting mines and can keep playing. Other options include removing the field pattern, turning sound off, using a cursor instead of the sensor, and using faster graphics. The sound for hitting a mine can be changed by editing 'win.ini' and changing the 'SystemExclamation' value. You can adjust the size of your sensor by clicking the left mouse button.

As you increase the difficulty level the number of mines increase, shading spreads further, the wrapping effect becomes stronger, and fuzzy shading clears more slowly. You can adjust any of these four variables when playing a Custom game.

Shareware to Freeware

Dynamine was originally Shareware ($10), but you can now play for free using the password 'dynamine-030697-37557'. The author planned to release a fully functional version 3.0, but this is no longer in the works. The Shareware version prevents saving of highscores.



  • Version 2.00 on 1996-05-01
  • Version 1.10 on 1996-03-29
  • Version 1.00 on 1995-12-11, original release