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Author: Thomas Eldridge II (USA)
Initial release: November 1989
Latest release: Original Version
OS: DOS, Windows (XP or earlier)
Language(s): English
Genre: Early Minesweeper Games
Status: Abandonware
Website: No Homepage
Download: Not Available

Kaboooom is a clone of Relentless Logic written by Thomas Eldredge II (USA) in November 1989 for DOS.


The player must cross a 9x15 grid filled with hidden mines just as in RLogic. A new feature was the ability to mark adjacent squares with a '0' for safe and an 'X' for a mine. It was still possible to step on a marked mine, but you could prevent this by running the program in a special safety mode. Another feature was giving a number to each square after you moved away. This number served the same function as a number in Minesweeper. Kaboooom also had a solver - if you pressed '?' the game would open or mark all squares logically solvable at that point in the game.

Place in History

Kaboooom predates Minesweeper and possibly had the first solver for this game genre. Marking mines and showing numbers were not a new idea, having been introduced in the earlier RLogic clone XMines. However, Kaboooom seems to have developed marking mines independently as XMines used a mouse to mark mines.


Kaboooom no longer exists except as Sourcecode. Published in "Cruising with Topspeed" by Alex Lane, 01 April 1990 on www.ddj.com. You can also download the source code (it is written in C).