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Screenshot of Landmine
Author: Larry Ludwick (USA)
Initial release: 1988-03-20
Latest release: Original Version
OS: DOS, Windows (XP or earlier)
Language(s): English
Genre: Early Minesweeper Games
Status: Abandonware
Website: No Homepage
Download: Landmine.exe

Landmine is a clone Relentless Logic written by Larry Ludwick (FL, USA) in 1988 for DOS. Its special feature is that every game can be won. The earliest existing copy was modified on 20 Mar 1988.


Landmine uses CGA graphics rather than a monochrome display. The author removed the RLogic soundtrack on the basis of it being annoying and reduced the playing field to a 14x9 grid. After introduction the game is played fullscreen. The timer and skill level ratings are also removed. Gameplay is unchanged. Essentially the game is RLogic without the ‘bells and whistles found in the original’ but always winnable and perhaps less annoying.

Place in History

Landmine did not directly contribute to the creation of Minesweeper, but historically it is interesting because it addressed an important problem - Relentless Logic could not always be won. There have been many clones of Minesweeper that try to solve the same problem!


Landmine can be opened but not played in Windows Vista because fullscreen mode is not supported.