Minesweeper 3D (Zayac Soft)

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Minesweeper 3D
Screenshot of Minesweeper 3D v1.6
Author: Alexandr Zaytsev (Zayac Soft)
Initial release: 1.0 (2007-08-22)
Latest release: 1.6 (2007-09-27)
OS: Windows
Language(s): English
Genre: Minesweeper Variations
Status: Freeware
Website: N/A

Page under Construction Aug 2011

  • Minesweeper 3D new Release version 1.6 (27 Sep 2007)

Now and forever it's absolutely freeware game!!!

  • Minesweeper 3D Release version 1.5

Shareware version Removed cheating, but addeded additional bonuses! You didn't die if have additional lifes!!! Time record uploading to base On-line update by version compare

  • Minesweeper 3D new Release version 1.4 (21 Sep 2007)

Improve computer AI. Make preset tables. Add on-line TOP rating table. Add bonuses at field. Compress to install package.

  • Minesweeper 3D Release version 1.2

And now we fix some bugs, update bomb models, make changes to simplify rotation of the cube. We continue working hard, so keep playing and feel free to post at our forums!

  • Minesweeper 3D Release version 1.0 (22 Aug 2007)

In this version we try to collect all of our game play experience, and try to make some interesting game by creating moddern release of classic puzzle game minesweeper. If peoply will like to play, and many players will enjoy this game, then we will adjust more features of the game, desired on people mention and response!


Original site was minesweeper3d.zayac.zp.ua