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Minesweeper was a Yahoo! Club founded on 8 Mar 2000 by Earthboar (Gregory Lewis). It was the most popular minesweeper club with 44 members who shared game screenshots and personal records. It effectively died in 2002 when Yahoo! bought eGroups.


Minesweeper Club homepage

Minesweeper Club was one of the first minesweeper communities on the internet. Gregory Lewis (USA) founded it on 8 Mar 2000 according to Yahoo!, but it appears the group actually started in 1999. From 2000-2002 there were 88 posts from its 30 members.

Yahoo! bought eGroups in 2001 and merged it with Clubs in 2002, calling the new community Yahoo! Groups. There already was a minesweeper group for ships and the club was renamed 'minesweeper2'. As the admin wrote,

Since this club became a Yahoo "Group", the title of our club changed from minesweeper into minesweeper2. But we can't get too bent out of shape, since the "minesweeper" group is the real thing, navy vessels that sweep the sea of mines!

The search engine matched keywords exactly, so a search for 'minesweeper' could not find the renamed group. In addition, eGroups already had a very popular minesweeper group called Minesweeper Addicts. Gregory soon changed his mind about the new name:

"This club used to be simply 'minesweeper'. It was the first and original minesweeper game club on Yahoo...When Yahoo clubs turned into Yahoo Groups, they renamed this club 'minesweeper2'. Jerks. I did a search on Yahoo groups for 'minesweeper'. Only 10 entries came up. This group was not even in the list."

In the end, minesweeper2 died after only 11 posts were made in the next 4 years. The final message, written by Gregory on 26 May 2006, stated, "we're still here, in wait mode."

Several messages in the group are interesting for historical reasons. Members of the group were the first to find the Timer Lag bug and the first to talk about custom density records. The three minesweeper clubs at Yahoo! (including also Minesweeperclub and Minsweeper were all absorbed into Minesweeper Addicts.



  • 2000: 37
  • 2001: 33
  • 2002: 18
  • 2003: 4
  • 2004: 6
  • 2005: 1
  • 2006: 3

New Members

  • 2000: 11
  • 2001: 16
  • 2002: 3
  • 2003: 5
  • 2004: 4
  • 2005: 2
  • 2006: 3

More Info

You can download all minesweeper posts and pictures from minesweeper in a ZIP file.

  • Original link: http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/minesweeper
  • Current link: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/minesweeper2