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This is a collection of minesweeper games for Atari. The Atari computer game console was released in 1977 and sold until 1992. Official game releases (ROMS) for the console were made by Atari Games and other companies but all minesweeper versions listed here except Landmine (1992) were unofficial freeware.

These games were tested with the free Gemulator 9.00 emulator (using TOS 2.06) but most should also work with the STeem Engine emulator (this emulator is needed to play PRG or APP files). If you are new to Atari, you need to choose Monochrome mode to play Hi-Res games and Colour mode to play Lo-Res games.

Special thanks to the "Toxic BBS" archive hosted at skumtomte.com, the GEM Candy collection at gemcandy.atari-users.net, and atarilegend.com for information.

1991 - Demolition Man

Atari-DemolitionMan.jpg Clayton Walnum (USA) Download: Demolition Man 2.0 (.PRG) 1991
Levels are 10x10 (15 mines), 10x14 (21 mines) and 10x18 (28 mines). The hardest 2 levels have a hidden X-Ray cheat - if you click on the X-Ray you will see all mine locations for 1 or 2 seconds. Flags and Questionmarks can be placed with right clicks. There are some sound effects but no Highscores. File originally Shareware.

1991 - Search and Destroy

Atari-SearchAndDestroy.jpg Shady Tree Software
Herb Chong (USA)
Download: Search And Destroy 1.0 (.PRG) 1991
Standard 3 levels. Left click to open squares, press SHIFT and left click to flag, and left click twice to Chord. Game was Shareware.

1992 - BANG!

Atari-BANG.jpg Mike Coupland Download: BANG! 1.10 (.PRG) 1992-01-01
The 3 levels are Easy, Tricky and Evil. Flags turn squares red, Questionmarks turn squares green. You must flag al mines to win. Help function opens a safe square but costs you 2 seconds on the clock. Game only works in Low-Res or Med-Res mode. It is a clone of Clayton Walnum's Demolition Man.

NOTE 1: Cy Booker cloned this game for RISC OS.

NOTE 2: Game works perfectly in Steem, but in Gemulator graphics are too small to use.

1992 - Mine Game

Atari-MineGame(Bensryd).jpg Rikard Bensryd (Sweden) Download: Mine Game (.PRG) <1992-04
Grid is 12x12 and you start by clicking on the square marked with an "S" which gives you an opening. You are allowed up to 10 Hints, just press and H button and it will mark a safe square. Default level is 25 mines but if you lose your next game has fewer mines (25 less the number of mines you found before losing). If you win, the number of mines is increased. There is no Highscore list. Also has sound effects. Written in GFA BASIC. Works in Lo-Res mode on the Atari Falcon.

NOTE: Sound effects did not work in Gemulator.

1992 - Bombs

Atari-Bombs(Simpao).jpg David Simpao (USA) Download: Bombs 1.00 (.PRG) 1992-05-13
Standard 3 levels and mouse behaviour except no Chording (but it does allow the Windows trick of flagging by holding SHIFT while clicking the left button). When the game is lost all flags are replaced with mines. Only works in monochrome on High-Res. Game was Shareware.

Game acknowledges Bombs already existed (different programmer) for the Minesweeper Games (Mac)

1992 - MineSweeper

Atari-MineSweeper(Poliak).jpg Uwe Poliak (Germany) Download: MineSweeper 2.21 (.PRG) 1993-02-19
Download: MineSweeper 2.132 (.PRG) 1992-05-21
There is one grid size of 16x26. It starts with low density and each time you win you move up one difficulty level (more mines). A score is given depending on what level you reached and how many mines correctly found. Press F1 to access the options menu, where you can choose how to flag, whether to show empty squares with the number 0 and choose the grid size and density. You can increase the grid up to 50x100 depending on your screen display software. There is a large Helpfile in German but the game is in English.

1992 - Landmine

Atari-Landmine(AtariCorporation).jpg Atari Corporation Download: Landmine 1.00 (.PRG) 1992-08-12
This version in French. There are 10 difficulty levels ranging from 10x10 with 10 mines to 30x20 with 99 mines. Highscore list keeps the best score for each level. Game can be paused. Noteable feature is the multi-coloured cells. The sounds effects were copied by 'The Ultimate Minesweeper' clone.

NOTE: In Gemulator, chording does not work because pressing both buttons exits the emulator. Please contact if you have the English original.

1992 - Yams

Atari-Yams.jpg Tom Clegg (Canada) Download: Yams 1.0a (.PRG) 1992-09-01
Instead of mines you must find all the bugs that want to eat your yams. Same 3 levels and mouse behaviour as standard. You can pause the game. There is supposed to be a Help function called "Green Thumb" but this file is missing.

Note: Tom joined the forum on this site in 2011 (user tomclegg) and posted, "I wrote a clone called "Yams" in 1990-92 (someone got me hooked on it in high school but I had an Atari ST instead of a PC clone so I had to write my own). The name is different but the game play is identical to the Windows 3.1 version, including the left/right click, chord, names/dimensions of the preset board sizes."

1992 - Minen-Suche

Atari-MinenSuche(Heitland).jpg Sven Heitland (Germany) Download: Minen-Suche (.PRG) 1992-09-27
Game is 10x10 with 10 mines but you can play from 5 to 25 mines and up to 39x49. The Highscore list saves your best scores in order of size then time. It has has a small Handbook with some playing tips.

1992 - Sweep-a-Mine

Atari-SweepAMine(Werstler).jpg Ingo Werstler Download: Sweep-a-Mine 1.01 (.PRG) 1992-11-19
There are 80 levels you can play and the Highscore table saves the best time for each level. The 4 corners of the game are always empty. Only works in Hi-Res monochrome.

NOTE: Author could not play game using Gemulator.

1992 - MineX

Atari-MineX(Stein).jpg Dieter Stein (Germany) Download: Minex 1.0 (.APP) 1992-12-10
One level 8x16 with 24 mines. There are no Highscores or timer and you can lose on the 1st click, but you can replay the same game multiple times whether you win or lose.

1993 - GMines

XMinesClone-Atari-GMines.jpg Bernd Setzepfandt (Germany) Download: GMines 1.00 (.PRG) 1993-01-21
This game is almost identical to Windows Minesweeper (1990) but is actually a clone of XMines (1987). There is one 16x30 level with 99 mines and you open squares with a left click and flag them with a right click. Instead of Chording by pressing both buttons, you Chord by clicking the left mouse button: the game opens all safe squares touching the flag (not the number) so Chording is more effective than the Windows version. The Highscore list stores multiple records and it opens after every won or lost game - closing the Highscore list starts a new game.

NOTE: The way GMines opens squares after chording was later used in MineHunt (Ellis version) for RISC OS in 1993 and Narkomania for Windows in 1996. It is unclear if these later versions had the same idea seperately.

1993 - Minenräumer

Atari-Minenraumer(Dogio).jpg "Al Mundo" (Germany) Download: Minenräumer (.PRG) 1993-03-18
Standard 3 difficulty levels and mouse action (but no chording). Possible to lose on 1st click. Monochrome. Game is by "Al Mundo" (The World) but Helpfile is signed by a Mr. Dogio from Germany.

1993 - Minesweeper

Atari-Minesweeper(Harvey).jpg David Harvey Download: Minesweeper (.PRG) <1993-04
Levels are 8x8 (10 mines), 16x12 (30 mines) and 24x16 (60 mines). You can choose your own default 3 levels. Up to 4 games can be open at the same time. Monochrome.

1993 - MineSweeper

Atari-Minesweeper(Olsrod).jpg Stig Petter Olsrød (Norway)
Vulgar Power
Download: MineSweeper (.APP) 1993-06-17
Standard 3 levels and mouse behaviour. Only difference is you can lose on the 1st click and you must flag all mines. Game is Shareware.

1993 - Landmine

Atari-Landmine(Godbey).jpg John Godbey Download: Landmine 1.00 (.PRG) 1993-11-20
Very basic version of minesweeper. Only level is Beginner with 10 mines, you can lose on 1st click, flagging a mine does not make the square safe, and openings do not properly open corners (as can be seen in this picture).

Game comes with PASCAL source code.

1993 - Mine Sweeper ST

CREAM (Germany) Download: Mine Sweeper ST (.PRG) 1993-12-19
Main features are a soundtrack, sound effects and high quality graphics. Game was included as a bonus on a CD music demo "Songs That Makes You Go Hhmm II" released 1996-04-04. Written for all Atari ST computers including the Falcon (ST Mode and RGB).

NOTE: Author could not get past game intro screen with Gemulator.

1993 - Lamemine

Atari-Lamemine.gif AURA Productions
Jochen Knaus (Germany)
Download: Lamemine 0.1 (.TOS) 1993
The grid size is 28x30 and the difficulty level increases each time you win. Number of bombs is 25 +(Level*15) and the best score for each level is saved. You can play custom levels but your scores are not saved. You win when all bombs are flagged. Game has sound effects and a Title tune.

NOTE: Author could not open .TOS file using Gemulator.

1993 - Mines

Atari-Mines(MoreSoft) 1.3.jpg More Soft (Germany)
Björn Peterson
Tobias Tödter
Download: Mines 1.3 (.APP) 1993
Link: Moresoft
Mines has 8 difficulty levels and 14 skins. It also has sound effects and saves the best 10 scores for each level. Game is in German.

1993 - Minesweeper

Atari-Minesweeper(Ringpull).jpg Ciaran Wills (Scotland)
aka Ringpull
Download: Minesweeper (.PRG) 1993
Levels are 10x10 (10 mines), 16x16 (40 mines) and 16x32 (90 mines). Highscore table saves best 3 scores for each level. You can lose on the 1st click and must flag all mines. New games must be started from the menu instead of the game window.

NOTE: Contacted author (Aug 2011): game was written for his Higher Computing project at Balfron Highschool. He now lives in California.

1994 - Minesweeper

Atari-Minesweeper(Maisey).jpg Martin J. Maisey (England) Download: Minesweeper 1.00 (.PRG) 1994-01
Levels are9x15 (15 mines), 10x20 (30 mines) and 16x40 (120 mines). The best time is saved for each level. You mark mines by holding SHIFT while clicking the left button. New games are started by clicking on the lost board. Game is monochrome, best played in Hi-Res. Programmed with HSX and GemFast.

1994 - Demineur

Atari-Demineur.gif Patrick Maury (France) Download: Demineur (.PRG) 1994
Game levels are Small (14x8) and Normal (28x15). Only works in True Colour and needs 640x480 or higher resolution.

NOTE: Author could not open program as it needs NVDI installed.

1994 - Manic Minefield

Atari-ManicMinefield.png Cheese Freak Software (England) Download: Manic Minefield 1.0 (.PRG) 1994-04-17
Standard 3 levels and mouse behaviour including Chording. You can choose from 20 background pictures and there are lots of sound effects (for an Atari anyways!). Seperate Highscore list for each level.

NOTE 1: Could not get past game intro screen with Gemulator, tried dozens of settings.

NOTE 2: The game author was aware of Mined-Out and mentions it, but this is a clone of Minesweeper.

1994 - Mind Sweeper

Atari-MindSweeper.jpg Eric Hameleers (Netherlands) Download: Mind Sweeper 1.1 (.PRG) 1994-05-18
Game is in English but the large Helpfile is also in Dutch. There are 18 levels (6 for each of the 3 screen resolutions on the computer because the game modifies itself to fit your screen). In Evolution mode you go up a level after a win. There is a Highscore list for each level giving your name, time and number of cheats used. Cheat feature lets you survive clicking on a bomb if you press and hold SHIFT while you make a left click. Tournament mode lets you choose a Board by its game ID so different players can play the same game and compare scores. You also have a timer option, and you lose if you do not win in the time limit. Game also has sound effects. (Compiled with PureC so does not work with MagiC.)

1994 - Minesweeper - Director's Cut

Top Notch (Scotland)
Colin A. Watt (programmer)
James Skelton (graphics)
Stefan Lingdell (music)
Download: Minesweeper DC (.PRG) 1994-09-21
Program starts with a menu with 3 buttons for Width, Height and Start. Left clicks make things smaller and right clicks make them bigger. The game is centred on the screen and will scroll if too big. The number of bombs left is shown at the bottom left of the screen. You open with left clicks and flag with right clicks. There is no Chording. When you think all mines are flagged, press the Spacebar to submit the game - if you placed a flag on an incorrect square, you lose. Written in STOS BASIC.

NOTE: Game does not work in Gemulator.

1995 - JAY Minesweeper

Atari-JayMinesweeper 2.0.jpg JAY Soft (Czech Republic)
Stanislav Opichal
Jan Krupka
Download: JAY Minesweeper 2.2 (.APP) 1999-01-23
Download: JAY Minesweeper 1.1 (.APP) 1996-01-24
Link: JAY Soft
First release was 1.0 on 1995-04-15. Standard levels and mouse control (including Chording) but also has a 'Special' level with 200 mines. You can right click on the Smiley Face to open the Menu.

NOTE: In Gemulator, Chording exits the emulator. Looking at 'About' or 'Highscores' jammed the game.

1996 - The Ultimate Minesweeper

Atari-TheUltimateMinesweeper.gif Endre Burany (Serbia) Download: TUM 0.1 (.PRG) 1996-09-05
The author tried to make a perfect clone of Minesweeper and copied the Menu and mouse behaviour exactly. TUM was the first Atari version to allow Chording. It only works on the Atari Falcon at 640x480 resolution in 16 Colour mode. The sound effects were copied from the Atari game 'Landmine'. Written in PureC.

NOTE: In Gemulator graphics do not render correctly so cells appear black. In Steem graphics are good but you get error messages about sound.

1996 - Megamines

999 Software
Martin Milner (program)
Robin Ball (graphics)
Download: Megamines (.PRG) 1996-12-28
Flags and Questionmarks but no chording. If you find a clock, the timer stops for 10 seconds. If you find a First-Aid kit, you get an extra life (but you can not accumlate more than 1 extra life at a time). Game is a shareware demo, so only the 1st level is available free.

NOTE: Could not get game to open in Gemulator or STeem.

1997 - Minesweeper

Atari-Minesweeper(SorenGust).jpg Soren Gust (Germany) Download: Minesweeper 0.099 (.A26) 1997-12-04
Download: Minesweeper 0.090 (.A26) 1997-11-25
Link: Homepage
Grid is 6x6 and by pressing F1 you have the option to have 1 to 9 mines. No flags, you open one square at a time using the arrow keys. Highscore list and sound effects.

NOTE 1: This was tested in the Stella 2.8.4 emulator (Gemulator does not allow .a26 files). Sound did not work and could not access Highscore list.

NOTE 2: Soren also ported the game for the SEGA VMU.

Help Wanted

If you can provide missing versions or pictures, please Help.

NOVA Mines

Atari-NOVAMines.gif Martin Huber (Germany)
1992 (or earlier)
Download: MISSING NOVA Mines (.)
Lexicor Software released this version of minesweeper on a disk with programs that used their NOVA graphics cards.

NOTE: File is no longer on internet? Please contact.


Found original, haven't played it yet or taken pics, or resolved problem with where did this french pic come from?

Atari-Pinguin.gif Reinhard Spieker
Download: Pinguin 1.03 (.APP) 1993

NOTE 1: File is no longer on internet? Please contact.

NOTE 2: Pinguin means Penguin in German, and it is the name of a type of remotely operated underwater vehicle that destroys mines, belonging to the Germany Navy.

1990 - Mines

Mines is a monochrome game by Jan van der Steen finished 1990-05-30. It is a 16x16 field and the object is to cross the mine field. It is clearly an Atari ST port of the game Mines written for the Mac in 1988 by Griscom.