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The programming language Java was first released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems and is independent of the operating system. Java games run in the Java Virtual Machine which comes installed with Mac OS, Linux and Solaris. Windows users need to install Java for free. The downloads here are for stand-alone Java applications, not Java applets embedded in websites.

Java games are usually in JAR files, which launch the game automatically when clicked. If you are on Windows and don't have Java installed, you can rename the file as a ZIP to look at the files.

2004 - JMines

Java-JMines(Bogaert) 1.1.jpg Luc Van Bogaert (Belgium) Download: JMines 1.2 2009-11-18
Download: JMines 1.11 2004-06-14
Download: JMines 1.11 2004-01-15
Download: JMines 1.0 2004-01-04 (Original)
Link: Play Online
Standard 3 levels and mouse action including chording, except that Beginner is 9x9 (like Windows 2000 and later). Highscores and sound effects. You must flag all mines to win.

NOTE 1: Luc has also written MacMines for MAC OS.

NOTE 2: Author could not get 1.2 to work on Vista but other versions work.

2006 - JMinesweeper

Java-JMinesweeper(Savvas).jpg Dalkitsis Savvas (Greece) Download: JMinesweeper 1.0 2006-11-10
Link: Sourceforge
Standard 3 levels but Beginner is 9x9 (like Windows 2000 and later). Supports flags, questionmarks and chording and restart by F2. Best 3 scores are saved for each level. There are 4 skins to choose from the menu. Game needs to be installed on your copmputer instead of being stand-alone.

NOTE: Author tested in Windows Vista and flagging worked only if you click slowly.

2007 - JMinesweeper

Java-JMinesweeper(Iulus).jpg Sorin Iulus (Romania) Download: JMinesweeper 0.1 2007-04-19
Levels are 10x15 (15 mines), 15x20 (60 mines) and 20x30 (120 mines). Standard mouse action (flags, questionmarks, chording). Game has a Highscore box. It is possible to lose on the 1st click. Game is a clone of minesweeper and does not add new features.

2007 - Clustermines

Rick Shi (USA) Download: Clustermines 0.7.3 2007-08-13
Download: Clustermines 0.7.0 2007-08-08
Download: Clustermines 0.6.2 2007-08-05
Link: Sourceforge
There are 4 board sizes and Custom. Flags and chording but no questionmarks or Highscores. After each game you can replay it one move, or multiple moves, at a time.

Version 0.7.3 introduced a Solver. Version 0.7.0 introduced multi-mine mode, where you can have up to 3 mines in one square.

2009 - JMines

Java-JMines 1.07.jpg "Zleutor" Download: JMines 1.07 Autumn 2009
Link: Sourceforge
The game has the standard 3 levels and mouse action including chording. It includes 6 other board patterns (Triangle, Parquet, Octosquare, etc) each available in 3 difficulty levels. You can save a board and replay it later (not eligible for a best score), and you can turn on video recording and load saved videos. There are Highscores for all 21 settings. Game can be played in English, Spanish or French. You can customise the game colours with a total of 16875 possible combinations. The game has a built-in Solver that keeps stats of its success for each level, with options to solve with or without cheating, clicks or guessing. JMines is an open-source project.

2006 - JExplosion

[[image:|200px]] M. Hohm Download: JExplosion 0.6.3 2007-06-14
Link: Sourceforge
2006-10-25 is 0.6.2 Alpha
2006-11-14 Screenshots updated
2007-06-14 0.6.3 Released


[[image:|200px]] Download: JExplosion
Link: Sourceforge


[[image:|200px]] Download: [1]
Link: Sourceforge