Minesweeper History Add-On

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Minesweeper History Add-On
Author: Benoit Duffez (France)
Initial release: 1.0 (26 June 2004)
Latest release: 1.10 (08 August 2006)
OS: n/a (Imports into mIRC)
Language(s): English
Genre: Programs
Status: Freeware
Website: Homepage
Download: History.rar

The Minesweeper History Add-On is an extension for IRC written by Benoìt Duffez. It allows you to upload your latest game stats into the minesweeper channel from either Arbiter or the Minesweeper Clone.


2006-08-08 DLL 1.9, Script 1.10 Modifications on the DLL:

- added a little check of history file (in case you loaded minesweeper.inf instead of history.inf) - fixed hi-scores display - fixed number of clicks of exp games with more than 256 left, right or double clicks.

Modification on the script: - bigger configuration window (easier to edit the "last game info" display) - maybe something else but I don't remember what atm

2006-07-28 DLL 1.8, Script 1.9 Again, 2 new variables:

- [flagged] : number of flagged mines - [unflagged] : number of non-flagged mines

2006-07-24 DLL 1.8, Script 1.8 Hi! Some new variable have been added to the "last game" command:

- [openings] : number of openings - [distance] : path's distance, in pixels - [islands] : number of islands - [IOE] : IOE - [clicks/s] : number of clicks per second - [OBV] and [OBV/s] : quite obvious - [BAT] : BAT I think (!) that time and 3BV/s ranks are now correct.

2006-05-30 DLL 1.7, Script 1.7 There was a bug in the "records" command of the DLL I released yesterday, this is now fixed with the new DLL version: 1.7.
2006-05-29 DLL 1.6, Script 1.7 Sorry for the time spent to make this DLL, but now it's done.

This DLL is compatible with the latest version of the Minesweeper Clone. There should be no problem using the same script file, since the DLL does nothing more than the previous one : reading averages, last game and records information.

2005-10-19 DLL 1.5, Script 1.7 2 variables have been added to the "last game information" line : RQP and PerfScore.

Get the lastest version on the download page.

2004-12-15 DLL 1.4, Script 1.5 The lastest version adds a checkbox in the "Last game" tab. This allows you to show the rank of the last game information among all games or among NF games only.
2004-12-14 DLL 1.3, Script 1.5 As Detrusor asked, the newest version of the clone shows the rank of the last game (in time, and in 3BV/s).

The mIRC script is now able to show that rank information for the last game finished. Hope it'll work fine.

To make the script show the last game information, just click "Update" from the "Minesweeper" menu.

2004-??-??: DLL 1.2, Script 1.4
2004-06-26 DLL 1.0, Script 1.0 New site powered by PHP.

New DLL version (1.0) : - fixed means - fixed 3BV/s (real time) New script version (1.0) : - self-installing script - configuration window