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Ideas for an official rulebook for minesweeper.

A clone may process all information that is displayed to the player in an explicit way

A clone has an interface, this interface is divided into the field and the rest, the field consists of a grid of squares with a state

General Definitions

  • There are 3 standard levels called Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. Beginner level has 8x8 squares with 10 mines, Intermediate has 16x16 squares with 40 mines and Expert has 30*16 squares with 99 mines.
  • During the game a square can be in only of the following states: 'closed', 'open', 'marked as mine'.
    • At the beginning of every game all squares are 'closed'.
    • A square that shows either a number or a blank cell is 'open'. Each square can be opened only once. Futher clicking on already open squares won't affect the solving status of the board
    • A square that has been marked with a mine won't be affected by further clicks on it that would normally open squaes.
  • Only the following 3 options to play and solve Minesweeper are allowed: 'left click', 'right click', 'double click'.
    • A left click is carried out when the left mouse button is released over a square inside the Minesweeper window. A left click on a closed square opens that square.

Allowed Mouse Button Functions

Try to describe as a sequences of states so we have two input buttons - a button is a control device that is accesed by the clone, it has a state that can be changed between depressed and pressed <tK> when the state changes, an event is generated-LMB may open a square only if Depress & Release is made while state of other buttons is Null

  • A Flag may be placed only when the RMB is pressed on a mine and no other buttons are used.