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Minesweeper Tips was an important early minesweeper site and the center of the sweeping community for many years. It was created by Brian Chu on 03 Jul 1997 and maintained until 03 May 1999.

Minesweeper Tips, Homepage


Brian Chu (USA) was an early visitor to Minesweeper The Unofficial Page and noted in the Guestbook on 21 Jun 1997 that "this page is in need of some actual tips". He then provided descriptions of some basic patterns. This inspired him to announce on 05 Jul 1997 the creation of his new tips page. The strategy pages were written that month and ocasionally revised over the next two years. The site had an extremely active Guestbook that started 08 Jul 1997 and continued on until 09 Sep 2000.


The Guestbook was the center of the community for several years and provides an important look at its development.


  • Brian Chu - Copy of site hosted at Authoritative Minesweeper. Brian Chu emailed a copy of the site to Damien and gave permission to host the site in June 2005.
  • Guestbook - The complete Guestbook scanned as a PDF.

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