Moving Window Bug

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The Moving Window Bug causes the minesweeper window to move off the screen. Each time the difficulty level is changed the game moves one pixel upwards. Eventually the game disappears off the screen and can not be played. This bug was fixed with the release of Windows 2000.

One solution is to edit the Ypos variable in the Winmine.ini file. Another is to delete the file so it automatically resets with the next game played. It is also possible to change the screen resolution to move the game back into position. Another option is to select the game menu by pressing [Alt], press the left arrow, down arrow and type 'M' to highlight the game window. You can then move the game using the arrow keys.

If you open an affected version of minesweeper and play it in Windows Vista or Windows 7, the game moves diagonally toward the bottom right corner instead of upwards!