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A minesweeper solver is a program that plays minesweeper either by reading game memory or using logic. It also includes programs that help humans play by suggesting moves. This page is a collection of solvers listed alphabetically.

Constraint Processing Java Minesweeper

ConstaintProcessingJavaMinesweeper.jpg Berthe Choueiry & Students
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Link: Homepage

This is an online Java applet of Minesweeper that uses 3 levels of Constraint Processing to solve the game. It is worth reading An Interactive Constraint Based Approach to Minesweeper, an article presented at the AAAI 2006 conference. It is more of an educational exercise than a useful solver in its current form, although it introduces useful techniques for other programmers.


Hannu Kotipalo Finland in 1995

In Wikipedia said: I wrote a solver at year 1995 and just thought if it is the first solver ever made for the minesweeper game. you can still find it from The program name is minewalker. I think I could still find the source code for the solver if anyone is interested. At that time I had no idea of the theory of the solving algoritm. I made it by using simple group mathematics. As far as I know, it will find all solveable squares. Btw, the email address mentioned on the page is old; you can find me from (you can find my name from the link). —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:19, 2 May 2008 (UTC)


[[image:|200px]] Code: Matlasoft (Czech Republik)
Graphics: Art (Czech Republik)
Sound: Scalex (Czech Republik)

Download: [1]
Link: [http://]

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