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1984 game: TITLE: Get Out (or On The Rocks) Author: Karl Hardman Magazine: Home Computing Weekly No. 88, 13th November 1984 Machine: Oric 1 16K Type: Arcade game Language: BASIC Size: 4.5K In this simple game you have to get from the Start (bottom left) to the End (top right) of the screen without colliding with a rock or the wall around the edge. New rocks are added all the time, plus you are only allowed 55 moves, so you have to move quickly. Collect as many humans as you can along the way for bonus points. Karl Hardman was 15 when he wrote the program. Although the program calls itself Get Out, in the magazine it is referred to as On The Rocks. Key response is a bit slow.

Most likely related to Mine-Out (Oric version released earlier in 1984)



Historical for name and crossing a mine screen, but totally different type of game than Mine-Out or RLogic.

Minefield was written in 1983 (?) and was mentioned in PC World Magazine 10-83 and modified in this variant by K. Lehman. The file is BAS extension, meaning it is in BASIC (and not compiled into an EXE). It works in DOS if GW-BASIC is installed (if not download it and call it say gw.exe, then type gw minefield.bas to run the program in DOS).

Game asks for 1 to 10 mines, this is the amount per row. Then it asks for Beginner, Novice or Expert for speed. You are a cursor at top of the screen and the mines rush towards you as you move left and right to avoid them.



DOS-MineHunt-1994-Welcome.jpg DOS-MineHunt-1994-Win.jpg

Anonymous DOS relentless logic clone 1994-03-17. Grid is 9x10. Unlike RL you get points for opening squares. Game is very basic, so the exploding result is the same whether you win or lose. You navigate using the number keys, there is no mouse movement or highscores. Some sound effects for opening squares and finishing the game.



Atari-Hexmines(Doucet).jpg Jean-Etienne Doucet (France)
Download: Hexmines 1.2 (.PRG)
This is the earliest known Hexagon version of minesweeper. There are 3 levels (Small, Medium, Large) each with 3 density settings (Low, Medium, High). You can also choose to start the game with 0, 1 or 2 openings and to have 1, 2 or 3 lives. You get 1 point for each 1 opened, 6 points for a 2, 12 points for a 3 etc., and your scores is divided by 6 if you lose a life. A nice touch is the flags are the French flag. Works in Lo-Res, colour mode on the Atari Falcon. Written in GFA Basic.

NOTE: Author could not get game graphics to display correctly in Gemulator.

Mine Sweeper - RLogic?

RLogicClone-Atari-MineSweeper(Geiger).jpg Robert G. Geiger (USA)
Download: Mine Sweeper (.PRG)
This is a clone of Relentless Logic. You navigate your ship across the water (move a black cursor across the screen by clicking on the direction arrows). Game is 10 by 15 and mines vary from 3 to 11 in the games we played. Ship turns red if near a mine, goal is to cross the water in the fewest moves. After winning a level you continue to the next level, which may be easier or harder and really just counts how many screens you have crossed. You accumulate points for crossing the screen, with the formula being 100 points per level less the number of moves you made. Game continues forever unless you quit or lose. There is no Highscore list, and when you lose the program shuts down. Only works in Lo-Res (320x200) in colour on the Atari ST. Written in GFA Basic.

NOTE: Game tested in the "Steem Engine" Atari emulator.

NOTE: "I had a IBM PC BASICA game which I had flag as "a possible port". Keeping things as simple as possible, within several hours I had this ST version of "Mine Sweeper""

  • Mine Sweeper June 22,1987 Robert G Geiger a port of an "IBM PC basic game" (eg rlogic!!!)

Move your black marker| across deadly waters.|Avoid the hidden mines Your marker turns RED|if your within 1 square| of a hidden mine!",

Minenfeld - MineOut clone

Atari-Minenfeld(Keller).jpg Devil Soft
Joerg Keller (Germany)
Download: Minenfeld 1.2 (.PRG)
You need to get "Hugo" across a minefield using the arrow keys, exactly like in the Spectrum game Mined-Out. You start with 5 lives and get additional lives by reaching 3000 points or by finding Jokers. There is also Treasure that gives you 200 bonus points. If you complete a level you continue to the next one and the number of hidden mines increases. If you hit a mine you lose a life, the spot is marked with a cross, and Hugo goes back to the bottom of the screen. If you touch a cross you lose another life and lose 50 points. Fewer moves, more Treasure and more levels gives you more points. To tease you, the Highscore is preset at 3456 points by Keller. Game is monochrome.


  • Automine has built in autosolver!


RISC-Mines(Cooper) 1.00.jpg Mike Cooper (England)
Download: Mines 1.00
Essentially a RLogic clone, player must get from top left to bottom right corner. Game starts with an automatic opening. A 15x16 grid with 60 mines as standard but allows from 30 to 150 mines. Option to have from 1 to 3 lives. Time is announced after a win but no Highscores. After a loss, correctly placed flags are white, unlocated mines are marked green. Flagging is purely to help you navigate and remember mine locations.


RISC-CrazyMine(Garrard).jpg Andrew Garrard (England)
Download: CrazyMine 0.01
Link: Homepage
The game is actually called "Crazy Paving Minesweeper". You choose the number of cells and mines you want and whether you want the corners to be safe. The game then fills the screen with randomly shaped cells. (It is recommened you start with 10 cells and 3 mines, because large grids take time to generate). Opened squares are green, flagged squares are red, and questionmarks (placed with the middle or "Menu" button) are brown. If a square touches a mine, a small red number appears. The square your cursor is on and all cells that it touches are highlighted to help you. There is no Highscore list but your time is displayed if you win. You exit the game by pressing ESC.


RISC-Stormsweeper(Garrard).jpg Andrew Garrard (England)
Download: Stormsweeper 0.02 1995-01-10
Link: Homepage
You start by choosing the grid size (from 3x3 to 80x54) and the number of mines. You also choose the number of seconds between storms. When a storm occurs, the screen flashes and the mines move to new locations. There are no flags because you want to Right click ("Adjust") on the mines to detonate them, so they can not move again. You win when all mines have exploded, and you lose if you detonate a safe square. Game works best in low resolution because cells are 8x8 pixels. Corners are always safe. There is no timer of Highscores, but if you win a big green checkmark covers the game.

3D Minesweeper

RISC-3DMinesweeper(Gerrard) 2.03.jpg Andrew Garrard (England)
Download: 3D Minesweeper 2.03 1994-12-14
Link: Homepage
A 3D version of minesweeper. Player chooses a grid from 8x3x3 to 16x16x16. The 8 corener cells are always safe. Opened squares are blue (left click), flagged squares are red (right click), and questionmarked squares are orange (middle button). You can rotate the game in all directions using special keys listed on the help page (press the spacebar during the game to see instructions). If you lose, the game shows you mine locations and tells you which ones you marked correctly, incorrectly or failed to mark. If you win, the game shows you a medal and shows your time. There is no Highscore list.


RISC-Minesweeper(Bellon).jpgRISC-Minesweeper(Bellon)-Mission.jpg Stefan Bellon (Germany)
Download: Minesweeper 1.20 1997-11-04
Link: Homepage
There are 2 modes each with 5 grid sizes, and each grid size has 10 density levels. In Minesweeper mode you find and flag all the mines. In Mission mode you must collect men and then get from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Mission mode only allows you to move ("walk") to adjacent squares, flags are optional, and there are brick walls you must circumvent. Both modes let you save a game and load it later. Highscore list saves best 3 times for all 100 levels.

NOTE: This game is a minesweeper clone and a RLogic clone! (Two games in one.)
  • I put Minesweeper on the version page as well!


Should 3D Logic Minesweeper be listed here? It is on versions page


This game was also released for Windows.

OS2-HexMines(Repp).jpg Heinz Repp (Germany)
Download: Hexmines 1.0 2002-05-25
Download: Hexmines 1.0 2002-06-15 (No Pattern)
Link: Homepage
Three levels with 10, 40 and 99 mines or Custom levels from 3 to 105 cells long on each side (limited by your screen resolution). Language is German. Heinz released the initial version with a background pattern but it did not work on some versions of OS/2, so he released another version with no patterns. He also released version 1.01 for Windows.

Note: Author could open but not play game on OS2 2.1.

Kaboooom - RLogic clone

RLogicClone-Kaboooom(Slack).png Michael G. Slack (USA)
Download: Kaboooom 1.06 2003-01-04
Download: Kaboooom 1.05 1998-02-28
Homepage: Slack's Page
Direct clone of Kaboooom (author says so in his notes). Move the person from one corner to the opposite corner across a minefield. The player is moved using the arrow keys buttons in the game. You can choose from 10 to 40 mines or have the game randomly choose density. You can flag mine locations but unless Safe Mode is chosen you can still step on a marked mine. Optional sound effects and you can choose your own .WAV files to attach to game events. Original release 1.0 on 1997-07-26.





Nabahi Narimane (Que, Canada)

Download: Minehunt (.EXE) 1991-04-21

This is a Relentless Logic clone, so the goal is to get from the top left corner to the bottom right corner using the arrow keys. A message after each move tells you how many mines are near. Game works with Monochrome, CGA, EGA and VGA graphics with the latter using a Tank cursor. Since each type of monitor supports a different number of rows or columns, you can choose to play the default grid or create a custom game.
Game was inspired by Minehunt, a game included in the Equation Library Card for the HP 48SX calculator. (Both are clones of Relentless Logic not Minesweeper.

Shareware for $5 but now Abandonware.



Feynman Software (MO, USA)

Download: Mine (.EXE) <1996

This is a Relentless Logic clone, so the goal is to get from the top left corner to the bottom right corner using the arrow keys. Grid is 20x30 with 100 mines. When you click a square a number appears but after you move it becomes a coloured square. You win by finding a path or by 'teleportin' to the finish by visiting all the safe squares.
Written in C++ and compiled with Turbo C++. Game requires EGA or VGA graphics to work. It was written between 1990 and 1996.




James B. Yin (USA)

Download: DOSMINES 1.11 (.EXE) 1991-05-30

This is a Relentless Logic clone, so the goal is to get from the top left corner to the bottom right corner using the arrow keys. There is always a safe path. Game automatically starts with an opening. You can move the cursor with keys or a mouse, and pressing delete or making a right click flags a mine.

Game was inspired by Mines by Ian Heath (a Windows 3.0 program based on Relentless Logic). Freeware, written in C++. Only difference between version 1.1 and 1.11 was preventing you stepping on a marked mine.