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Minesweeper was released 8 Oct 1990 when Microsoft published the first Windows Entertainment Pack. WEP was the first set of games developed specifically to run in Windows rather than in DOS. There were four issues:

1990, Vol.1:
Cruel, Golf, IdleWild, Pegged, Taipei, Tetris, TicTactics, Minesweeper
1991, Vol.2:

Freecell, IdleWild (again), Jigsawed, Pipe Dream, Rattler's Race, Rodent's Revenge, Stones, Tut's Tomb
1991, Vol.3:

Fuji Golf, IdleWild (again), Klotski, Life Genesis, SkiFree, Tetravex, TriPeaks, Wordzap
1992, Vol.4:

Chess, Chip's Challenge, Dr. Black Jack, Go Figure, Jezzball, Maxwell's Maniac, Tic Tac Drop

WEP introduced Minesweeer but it was another two years before the game gained international recognition when it came bundled with the release of Windows 3.1 on 6 Apr 1992. Microsoft has continued to release Minesweeper with new editions of Windows. In 1994 the most popular WEP games were collected and sold as BOWEP but Minesweeper was already part of Windows and not included.


  • Robert Donner wrote both Minesweeper and TicTactics in the original WEP release.
  • Minesweeper and TicTactics were released again in a 'Microsoft Entertainment Pack' for the Nintendo 'Game Boy Color'. Classified Games released it June 2001 in the USA, while Cryo Interactive released it during August 2001 in the EU.GameFaqs
  • Level 145 of Chip's Challenge thanks several people including a 'Rob. D'. (In an email to this webmaster on 28 Jun 2011, Donner sent a screenshot and confirmed it was him).