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This page is a collection of different Minesweeper versions. Important ones will link to articles, others will have brief descriptions and downloads here. They are organised by Operating System and then alphabetically.

Early to follow up=

VIC20 Apr 1983 Mine Sweeper (Earliest name??? You can see live and dead mines, you sail left to right, over dead (to clear) and sideways into live (to explode safely)

From giant list of programmers:

  • Campbell, Ben [T] Minesweeper (1989, C64, Compute!'s Gazette) Type-in program from a magazine. Code for C64, Atari and others all collected at Object is to get trucks to bombs to defuse them while avoiding mines (no number hints, no mine marking, you drive over bombs and around mines).
  • Oberth, Chris Minefield (1983, COIN, Stern) COIN - coin-op arcade game.
  • Peterson, Ted Minefield (1985, TI99, T&C Actionware) TI99 - Texas Instruments 99/4A also "T and C Actionware (Ted Peterson and Chris Bader) of Seattle, Washington announce the release of their Minefield and Kangaroy action games. "


?? has the following:

Windows NE EXE


Minehelp used at least by 13/10/92 according to some usenet chat...

Early Windows Games 16bit

also Version 1.00, April 26, 1992. Version 1.01, May 8, 1993 also


BBS Doors

This is not an operating system, instead Doors are external programs (EXE) that can be opened and run by Bulletin Board Systems. These systems were a common way to chat and share programs until about 1996 when the World Wide Web became popular. Generally the system administrator installs the program and then users can play it, often against each other.

Windows lists 7 DOS versions and some Windows versions.

X-Windows / SunTools

SunTools, SunView, OpenWindows, X-Windows, NeWs and later using the X11 base things like GNOME, KDE etc

Jim Sep post: Tom post Nov 1987 :!msg/

Do groups search for 'minefield' as Tom said 'a minefield game'

Found this but no actual games: "just a few of the linux-native games and amusements: July 2006"

  • xmine-1.0.3|The `Athena' port of the xminesweeper game
  • xminehunter-0.4|A Motif minesweeper game
  • xmines-1.0|Minesweeper game for the X Window System
  • xminesweep-3.0|X11 minesweeper game
  • freesweep-0.90_1|Minesweeper-style game for text-mode terminals
  • trimines-1.3.0|Mine sweeper game that uses triangles instead of squares
  • wmtimebomb-0.2.0_2|A minesweeper for WindowMaker
  • xvmines-1.0|Simple minesweeper game for X Window System
  • yamsweeper-1.9|Yet Another Mine Sweeper NOTE: I think this is Ross Thompson Yet another mines game, Part01/01 in usenet Ross Thompson)

Posting-number: Volume 19, Issue 36 Archive-name: mines/part01 Environment: X11 in 1993


to search by date and topics at usenet groups

=Sourcode only

  • landmine. hidden land mines in SunView (Suns only) Sep 1988, randomnly places mines on the Sun screen and if a mouse goes over the mine explodes. Made in revenge for someone who put a similar prog on his comp

Amiga This has a dozen Amiga versions of Minesweeper:

Other links:

  • Landmine V2.00 1993 (orig 1990) Perry Rosenboom (rlogic clone actually landmine clone) -
  • ArmyMiner 1.4 1993 Alain Laferriere "There are many instances of that game on different platforms (Minesweeper on IBM-compatible, XMines on XWindows, etc). ArmyMiner does integrate all of the good aspects I've seen on all the versions of that game

available on personal computers."

  • Amines Disk707 Mined Out is a strategy game, like Mine on disk 725 or AMines on disk 707. like the X-Window's game XMines. version 1.1, binary only. Manfred Huesmann
  • Mine v1.8 Disk835 A new Modula-2 implementation. Thomas Ansorge
  • Mines Disk835 Teemu Sipil Marko Malmberg
  • AMIGA Minesweeper V0.98 Hubert Feyrer says Amine and MineClearer were first, then his program


others found elsewhere

Linux Distributions

This includes any game that uses a GUI running on a Linux foundation, such as GNOME, KDE, Xfce and X Windows (X11). Linux itself comes in over 600 distributions so will be listed only where relevant. As Linux works under the GNU license, all games in section are free.


Main Article: XBomb

XBomb-Squares-2.2.jpg Andrew Bishop (UK)
Download: XBomb 2.22 (X11)
Download: XBomb 2.22a (X11)
Link: Homepage
System: X-Windows
This is a very popular version for X-Windows. The original version here is for X11 running on UNIX, but versions also exist for Ubuntu, NetBSD, FreeBSD, Fink, SunOS, QNX, Gentoo and OS/2. Game has standard 3 levels with 10, 40 and 99 mines. Version 2.0 introduced Triangle and Hexagon grids. Timer to milliseconds, best 10 highscores are kept for each level and grid. Standard controls except no F2 function, squares open on down click, and all mines must be flagged. See article for more information.

Minesweeper 3D

Eelis van der Weegen Download: [1]
Link: Homepage
Site has a Linux and a Windows version, remember to include in both sections Damien! First Linux version was on 2005-08-28 and current version is 2005-09-04.


Download: [2]
Link: Homepage
Written for KDE.
Download: [3]
Link: []


Palm OS

Starting in 1996, Palm released handheld PDAs running the Palm operating system. Gradually their devices became smartphones and in 2009 they replaced Palm OS with webOS.


This section is for oddities, such as games that load inside other programs!

Mines - Ovation Pro

OvationPro-Mines(Barron).jpg Daniel Barron (England)
Download: Mines 1.00
Simple minesweeper game written for Ovation Pro 2.42 or higher. Grid is 10x10 with 10 mines. Graphics are simple and include '#' for a mine, '@' for a flag, and '*' for unknown cells. You place flags in Flag mode and open squares in Foot mode, alternating between modes as you play and only using the Left mouse button ('Select'). There are no Highscores. If you win it displays a "Woopy Do Dar!" message and if you lose it gives "Bye Bye Dodo". You must flag all mines to win.

NOTE 1: Ovation Pro is a desktop publishing program for RISC OS and Windows. Technically this is not a RISC OS game.

NOTE 2: The Helpfile describes Mines as "Mine hunt for Ovation Pro!".


Download: [4]
Link: []

For HP calculators:

Screenshot and info about original MineHunt


MinesweeperClassicVersion301(LibertyForOne).png Download: [5]
Link: []
Minesweeper Classic 2 by Liberty For One, Version 3.0.1