Minesweeper Definitions

clear - When a square is touching a number of mines equal to its value, clicking on it with both the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously will step on any un-flagged squares. If you have a 3-button mouse, you can use the center button to clear.
equivalency - the value of a particular square after subtracting the number of mines already touching it. For example, in [you need a
graphical browser] there is a mine touching the 2-3-2 combination. Subtracting this from the value of each of them, you end up with an equivalent of 1-2-1, and can apply any rules to this equivalency.
flag - (v):To right-click on a square, marking it as concealing a mine. (n):The mark that is created on a square in the act of flagging. [you need a graphical browser]
square - The smallest object on a Minesweeper board. At any time, a square can contain either a mine, or not contain a mine. This term includes squares that have been stepped on, as well as ones that have not yet been revealed.
step on - To left-click on a square that has not yet been revealed.
value - The number of bombs in the surrounding eight squares of any particular square. Can range from zero to 8. If the square is blank, its value is zero. Otherwise, there will be a number.
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