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You need the TSCC Codec to view these videos.

LAST UPDATED: 11/26/03: 1 new record video and screenshot: EXPERT 58 VIDEO (11/26) EXPERT 58 SCREENSHOT (11/26, same game as above)

Welcome to my Minesweeper page. I started playing Minesweeper when I was about 7 years old, and I had beaten all of the boards by age 8, albeit very slowly. I think my times were 65, 172, 360 or something like that. I had times of 8, 56, 194 when I was around 9, and I thought I was pretty good. Later, I improved to 7, 32, 143. I continued to have the notion that I was really good until around June 2002, when I read that the world record for speed on all the fields combined was held by Lanyjé. It was then that I started playing again, after a hiatus of almost 6 years.

The latest news is that I have now broken the minute mark on expert (58 seconds)...still looking for a 1 second on beginner.

Here are my best times. Click on the appropriate part of the picture to see a video of me getting that time. You need the TSCC Codec to view these videos.

BEST TIMES58-112603beginner2_91902.avi, 39 KB16-32003.avi

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