Minesweeper : World record and some stuffs

Should we believe him? He claimed 49, 51, 53! Send me your opinion.

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World record of Minesweeper in Expert level

Ricardo Galletti : 55,66,77, The lucky 1-minute-barrier destroyer
Ruben Spaans : 61,62,63,63, The best mine sweeper
Scott Adam Sukenick : 59,65,65, The 2nd 1-minute-barrier destroyer
Steve Welch : 63,65,69, A great mine sweeper
Joshua W. Shaevitz : 64,79,84, A lucky man
: 79,80,81,81, 10-year-old talent boy, God sent him to us

I want you to be in this list. So if your best time is less than 100 seconds, please tell me soon.
Example of well starting

My best time on Expert level of Micro$oft Windows Minesweeper is 76 seconds! The other very good times are 81,81,81,81,82,83,84,85,86,86,86,86,86. All of them occured on 386-SX since the end of 1994. On 4/4/96, I got a lucky 77!


I think almost of great records have some common looks. Please capture your great pictures and place them at your homepage directory and give me the link. If your have no site, send me the converted files--GIF or JPEG format. I also want every picture of nearly-good games and good-tending games.

How to capture the Minesweeper picture

In Windows, just press Alt-PrintScreen, run PaintBrush from Accessories, paste, and then save.

Good stuffs


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Rubik and its generizations

email me: wichiram@math.uiuc.edu