Minesweeper : World record and some stuffs

This page is no longer updated!

World record of Minesweeper in Expert level

What the hell! So many people have broken the 1-minute barrier! Good for them that they can die happily. Now, it's your turn! Try to do it before life passes you by!

My best time on Expert level of Micro$oft Windows Minesweeper is 76 seconds! The other very good times are 81,81,81,81,82,83,84,85,86,86,86,86,86. All of them occured on 386-SX since the end of 1994. On 4/4/96, I got a lucky 77!

How to capture the Minesweeper picture

In Windows, just press Alt-PrintScreen, run PaintBrush from Accessories, paste, and then save.

Good stuffs


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