Rubik cube : Generization, Solution, Program

Coming soon:
* Solution for 3x3x3 : Well-known solution and corners-then-edges solution.
* My solutions for 4x4x4, 5x5x5, 2x2x2 and nxnxn.
* My program : nxnxn and nxmxp with solver of nxnxn and 1xnxm, on DOS.
* Some group theory for solving special problem--switching in last 2 
  edges of 4x4x4 and upper.

I can solve it within 1 minute, I mean 40-90 seconds.
Moreover, I can play 4x4x4 the Rubik's revenge, 4-9 minutes, or any bigger
Rubik cube!

My solution for 3x3x3 cube is very well known. It has 3 steps, complete
first face with its boundary, fill the middle row and then complete the
last row. Almost people say that the CORNERS-THEN-EDGES solution is the 

The solution for 4x4x4 and nxnxn cube is very complicate. There is some
switching between the last 2 noncentral edges. As a mathematics student, 
I solve this problem by simple group theory.

I have designed 5x5x5 independently and finished the first prototype in 
the end of 1989. No one can make the regular 7x7x7 or bigger, unless its 
rows are not equal. 

Project of a students
Rubik for Windows

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