Tetris : Professional, Internet, Multi-player, Competitive, Battle, Fighting

* My professional one-playered Tetris : sensible, fastest, on DOS.
* My internet competitive Tetris : on Windows with WinSock. The beta version
* My competitive Tetris : on DOS, up to about 37 players.

My beta version of internet Tetris have been finish since Jan 96.
See information 

The one-playered Tetris I made has no limit in speed, you can play as 
fast as you want. The speed is independent from machine. Try it!

The competitive Tetris on DOS, which all players have to play at the same 
PC, have been finished since Jan 94. It work great.

At level 10 on Tetris for Windows with next-piece preview, I can play it 
easily. This means that I can make more than 32767 points in score.
You hardly win me in competitive mode with next-piece preview.

Minesweeper page with World record

Rubik and its generizations with solution

iNETRis http://www.dur.ac.uk/~d405ua/entertainment/inetris.html