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(Last strategy Update: 29.8.00)

To easily read the complete strategy guide offline, you can download it as a zip-file.

Minesweeper Strategies:

So you think, the highscores of some people only exist in their fantasy. You think, your own highscore of 200 seconds is very good and you cannot get any better? You think, finding mines is really hard? I think, you are wrong and so I'm putting up this strategy guide. I hope, it will help you get faster in Minesweeper. 

These pages are intended for people, who know, what the rows and columns of numbers mean. This is not the minesweeper helpfile. If you just started playing minesweeper, please look elsewhere. I broke this guide into six different pages (plus a few sub-pages) for faster loading, because there are several (small) images on some of these pages. 

Mouse handling

Standard situations

Some examples

About probabilities

Where you have to guess

Advanced Tips

My own Minesweeper records :

'Anfänger': Lucky 2 seconds (9.9.99)

'Fortgeschrittene': 18 seconds (21.5.99)

'Profis': 70 seconds (13.2.99)

If you are interested in the worlds best highscores - beginner, intermediate and expert - then you should check out this site (Internet link). There you will find everything else around minesweeper, too.

I do not anymore include links to pictures of the highscores, because a) who cares and b) they are no proof (Windows 95 Users: press left and right mouse button plus the escape-key and watch your timecounter; I don't like this 'feature'; damned programmers).

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