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Global Mines

Global Mines 2.0 soon to be released!
Global Mines 2.0 is currently undergoing beta-testing and is therefore not available for download. Global Mines 2.0 is a totatally rewritten compared to the previous version. As soon as beta testing is finished Global Mines 2.0 will be available for download here. It is impossible to tell exactly when this will happen, so please don't ask. :-)

Initially the thought was to charge a nominal fee for the game in order to pay for hosting of the website and SQL-database as well as some licencing fees for technologies (security related). However, this has changed, and the game will most likely be available for free.

Global Mines is a variation on the ubiquitous Minesweeper game that comes with fresh installations of the Windows operating system. As usual, you click carefully on the playing field and try not to detonate the mines. As with most games that are so universal, Global Mines has a pretty cool hook to draw you into addiction - the addition of a global highscore on the Internet so you can compete with other minesweeping people around the world.

Global Mines tries to mimic the feel and controls of the original Minesweeper to 100% for experienced players. However, Global Mines may be customized with a new skin to provide a complete new look.

Features (may change before release):

  • Post scores directly to website on internet
  • Accurate timer starting at zero with precision of hundredth of a second (e.g. 4.51)
  • Exact behaviour and gameplay style as in original MS Minesweeper
  • Built in 3BV-counter
  • Statistics (left, right and double clicks)
  • Saved top 100 highscores (including statistics)
  • Random board generation (random seed to prevent board cycles)
  • Skinnable graphics (including traditional win31 and win98 look)
  • Several layers of encryption of both score posting and executable file itself to prevent cheating
  • Save board screenshot with statistics within the game
  • Automatic logging (optional) of score and statistics to file (e.g. to open with Excel)


Modern XP-style look Traditonal skin Win3.1 skin Another skin Statistics window