Minesweeper is a game that comes already installed on most new PC's. I think that it just may be the best program that Micro$oft has released to date. It is a simple-looking game, but it is highly addictive. I am living proof of that :) That's the board directly above this paragraph. The object of Minesweeper is to locate and "tag" all of the mines (read: bombs) in the shortest amount of time possible. When you right-click on a square, either a number or a mine appears. If a mine appears, then your game is over. If a number appears, then you can use the information that the number reveals to win the game. The number stands for the amount of mines located behind adjacent squares. For example, a "2" would indicate that there are bombs behind two of the eight squares surrounding the number. Eight is the largest possible number that could appear behind a square, but I have never seen one. I've seen sevens quite a few times, though.

This game is every bit as addictive and enjoyable as Tetris. The thing I like about Minesweeper is that I can finish a game in less than two minutes, whereas Tetris takes twenty or even thirty minutes to play. And time is money, as they say....

If you'd like to see the finished boards of the best games I have saved, then click on the skill levels listed below:

Beginner (4 seconds)

Intermediate not once but twice! (21 seconds)

Expert (72 seconds)

There is a new site devoted to the intermediate level of minesweeper. They've got a hall of fame that lists people who have broken the 30-second barrier. Do yourself a favor and check it out, okay?

I stumbled across an excellent Minesweeper site that lists the world records for each skill level. My best game is listed, but it can't compare with some of the best games on the Minesweeper World Records site. I am tied for #32 in the world. This site, unfortunately, isn't being updated any longer.