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Welcome to the Best Minesweeper site on the Net! Lil' spinnin guy 

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 You've found the ultimate Minesweeper site, with Minesweeper shareware, freeware, tips, how to's and our famous guest book for posting your top times. This site is for people whose day is not complete without Minesweeper. We have lots of cool Minesweeper stuff to check out, Minesweeper clones to download and lots more! Let me know if something needs fixin'.

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 New Sweeper!  New Shareware Sweeper

 Bojan Urosevic has written the best Minesweeper clone we've ever seen. It has 16 board types, triangle patterns, tiles hexagons...the list goes on. This is a MUST HAVE! 
Check it out: GO!

New Solver!

 Duane Kanz has built the coolest solver I've ever seen. Not only fast, it's polite as well! The program is configurable and won't alter your Best Times scores (unless you want it to). You've gotta check this one out. GO!

Got Some Linx For Ya'

  • Chris Paradise has a new page for Intermediate lovers:GO! 
  • Brian has some high level tips for you at his new page: GO! 
  • Tobias has a new clone, the mouse stays still and the board moves: GO! 
  • Daniel's new Freeware clone (with hints): Visit his site (German) or: Download 

To all who have sent us E-mail and games to review. We began this site last spring and you all have given us such a positive response, it's been a real hoot. Thanks again for all the feedback, if you have any questions concerning Minesweeper, Windows, downloading etc. Please write and I'll do my best to answer within a day.

For those of you who came to get a copy of Minesweeper: GET IT HERE