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16 Apr 2007 07:33 UTC

The Fastest, Best and Record Minesweeper Times

Welcome to the World's First Global Minesweeper Competition. Minesweepers.org features the World's first truly convenient, real time Minesweeper competition. Learn more.

The current World Record for Expert level, as certified by Minesweepers.org, is 53.445, set by el Jefe of Seattle, Washington, United States on 6-Apr-2006. See the World Record History.

Expert Level Times - April 2007

No.UserTimeDeltaDate  Location  Country
1.   Scuderia8770.51413-AprDebrecen   Hungary
2.   Y_MacKinnon*72.646 -0.01112-AprLondonderry, New Hampshire   United States
3.   Jaimito77.9338-AprBuenos Aires   Argentina
4.   JimBillyBob*80.180 0.00016-AprHillsboro, Oregon   United States
5.   DaveyJ*80.422 -4.4028-AprMarysville, Ohio   United States
6.   ninerman1022*81.007 -1.6069-AprAstoria, New York   United States
7.   jkrozel82.2858-AprSt. Louis, Missouri   United States
8.   anitaj2883.3296-AprGassaway, West Virginia   United States
9.   GORAN8090.7904-AprWindsor, Ontario   Canada
10.   Mudspanker91.5572-AprLondon   UK
11.   Robert Sackett*93.731 -2.2588-AprCincinnati, Ohio   United States
12.   Carlos Andres Chavarro93.95410-AprMiami, Florida   United States
13.   illiniman1493.96816-AprHopkinsville, Kentucky   United States
14.   Wolfman93.97912-AprMelbourne   Australia
15.   jewstar96.60415-AprLondon, Ontario   Canada
16.   Luckymlg*98.339 -2.11815-AprDallas, Texas   United States
17.   Jean2698.83912-AprShohola, Pennsylvania   United States
18.   TerryF102.52712-AprLos Angeles, California   United States
19.   The Special K103.61013-AprL. A., California   United States
20.   ledsarecool107.9058-AprSpringfield, Massachusetts   United States
21.   Ani_Philo*109.012 -8.5033-AprPort Coquitlam, British Columbia   Canada
22.   TJG110.0694-AprFresno, California   United States
23.   Jason Scott*111.167 -8.3266-AprLos Angeles, California   United States
24.   Durhai*112.209 -9.58315-AprGastonia, North Carolina   United States
25.   PJFota112.23010-AprLimerick, Pennsylvania   United States
26.   Robert DeWyze113.14815-AprDelta, Utah   United States
27.   Joe Sanso,113.2693-AprCoventry   UK
28.   surround115.3606-Aprontario, California   United States
29.   coldinma115.3844-AprMilford, Massachusetts   United States
30.   sweepme118.54111-AprAttleboro, Massachusetts   United States
31.   Carlos Cateriano*119.448 -7.8257-AprGainesville, Florida   United States
32.   Rutger Plak*120.994 -4.51113-AprRotterdam   Netherlands
33.   CaptainTofu*124.959 -20.1315-AprDaegu   South Korea
34.   clickclick126.09013-AprSharpsburg, Maryland   United States
35.   Kristina*136.636 -5.4805-AprLondon   UK
36.   molron142.12113-AprFallon, Nevada   United States
37.   JuztinMiller142.1335-AprScranton, Pennsylvania   United States
38.   Optimator146.3695-AprMilwaukee, Wisconsin   United States
39.   meinsweeper!149.5489-AprYpsilanti, Michigan   United States
40.   edgb3*149.558 -0.01413-AprHanover, Maryland   United States
41.   hammer65153.3716-AprMilwaukee, Wisconsin   United States
42.   vanrijngo171.95511-AprNampa, Idaho   United States
43.   miner62177.32816-AprScottdale, Pennsylvania   United States
44.   Techstar*200.703 -21.39411-AprAsheville, North Carolina   United States
45.   zebed*242.535 -13.8746-AprDublin   Ireland
46.   mowbrax*302.259 -1.4012-AprSouth Woodham Ferrers   UK
47.   Z. Alshair826.9313-AprTX, Texas   United States
* Indicates the user has submitted a new personal best time. The Delta column incates how much of an improvement was made.

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