OPENsweeper, OPENetwork's Minesweeper:

-- OPENetwork's version of Minesweeper enables you to save and load games, to score based on skill rather than speed, etc. Yes, I want to download OPENsweeper. (457,109 bytes).
If you look at this screen long enough (Bill Buckley and Stacy Antokas solved it in less than 10 seconds) and know how to play, you will notice that you can completely solve all the squares adjacent to marked numbers (this is called the beach). Specifically, you should find the exact location of 10 mines, 11 absolutely safe spots and one mine located in one of two squares. A little math will then give us the probability of being blown up at sea: (91-11 mines) /(480-79 squares) = 0.20.
The optimal play consists in marking all the mines you are sure of, then double-clicking on the marked "1" in the lower left corner.
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Minesweeper screen capture
And don't forget to take a look at Jean-Claude's Home Page on Minesweeper.

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