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Cool links:

Altavista search engine

Classical midi archives

C64 game tunes (midi files, MPEG audios, etc.)

UK National lottery - especially the numerical analysis page!

Quake II servers in the UK

Some bits of software I wrote:

File Size Description
MS_Solve.exe 50k Windows Minesweeper solver. Note that this program does not cheat by inspecting Minesweeper's memory etc. It takes all its information from the screen and therefore knows only as much as you do about the game.

It will not guess when there is no way to determine the location of another mine or safe square. Instead it will ask you to guess on its behalf. How does it work? Click here to find out!

For information on some minsweeper techniques click here. (Note that mine.exe will also cope with more complex situations than those listed.)

Maze.scr 45k 2D maze screen saver (for Windows 3.1 and later). Doesn't like the '95 preview screen. The fix is left as an exercise to the reader!
My first quake II map 147k A quake II map for the medium to advanced player. Just create a maps directory off your quake2\baseq2 directory and copy this file in. Type "map first_test" at the quake II console to use it.

All freely distributable - e-mail me for the source code at

e-mail sledgehammer@ntlworld.com e-mail

I just ask that you send me a copy of any modifications or extensions you make.