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Welcome to my Minesweeper page

This page is devoted to various topics about Microsoft's Minesweeper.

If you want to hear me try to defend my temporary obsession with Minesweeper, read this.

In this article I discuss a pseudo-random number algorithm and how it affects randomness.

Board Cycles
Here I talk about the tendency of Minesweeper to fall into a specific cycle of boards.

Dream Boards
Due to the boards cycles the idea is born of a dream board, a board easier to complete than all others.

TLM Theory
The first click is never a mine. In this page I explain the result of that rule.

First Click
Which block should you click first? The middle and corners each have an advantage and a disadvantage.

One Click Bug
Sometimes (about 0.000125% of the time) the game doesn't trigger a win when it should.

This page and all its contents are © 2002 by Tim Kostka. All programs here are distributed with this freeware license. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

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